ERCOT 2017 Spring Quarter Outlook

LCG just released a new report that extends the analysis to the 2017 spring season (March through May). - March 29, 2017

What Can ERCOT Expect in 2017? Two New Studies Published.

LCG Consulting has published two reports using its premiere grid modeling software, UPLAN, to model ERCOT in 2017 with 5-minute dispatch. - March 02, 2017

Update Report on Congestion in the Texas Panhandle

LCG Consulting has updated the report on congestion in the Texas Panhandle. - February 19, 2017

LCG Consulting to Release Comprehensive 2015 CAISO CRR Auction Values Just Prior to Auction

LCG Consulting of Los Altos, California is to release California ISO (CAISO) Congestion Revenue Rights (CRR) Annual Auction results prior to the Tier 1 nomination window close on September 18, 2014. - August 04, 2014

LCG Releases New ERCOT Electricity Market Outlook Reports

LCG Consulting has released the electricity market assessment & forecast of ERCOT operations for the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. These reports are based on ERCOT SSWG transmission topology and UPLAN simulations using ERCOT nodal protocol. - January 17, 2013

Proposed Policy Options for ERCOT System Adequacy

LCG Consulting (LCG) of Los Altos, California offers to evaluate the impact of the policy options proposed in the recent ERCOT system adequacy and investment study. - July 26, 2012

2012 ERCOT Electricity Market Outlook - Simulation and Forecast

LCG Consulting has released a ERCOT electricity market outlook for 2012. This report incorporates the ERCOT nodal protocol and summarizes forecasts for LMPs, A/S prices, hub prices and load zone prices. - January 19, 2012

Hydro Pumped Storage - DOE Award to Support Development of Advanced Water Power Technologies: Hydropower Grid Services to Maximize the Benefits of Hydropower Technologies

LCG Consulting, as a member of the consortium headed by EPRI, participates in a $1.5 million multi-year DOE project to develop new methods to maximize the benefits of hydropower technologies - August 21, 2010

DOE Project Promotes Collaborative Planning for Balancing Wind Variability Across Regions: Integrating SPP Wind Energy Into SERC Electricity Markets

EPRI-LCG team is among several selected by DOE to explore innovative solutions for utility wind energy integration. This project focuses on integrating SPP wind energy into SERC electricity markets. - August 21, 2010

New Study Explores the Efficacy of Storage in Integrating Wind in Regional Electric Systems

EPRI and LCG Consulting jointly conduct an economic study to find out how energy storage can help integrate wind turbines to the electric systems in ERCOT, NYISO, PJM, MISO and California. - August 21, 2010

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