DivineCoders Released Third Major Version of Popular Bible Code Software

DivineCoders released the third major version of their highly anticipated Windows-based freeware Bible Code Software. This version runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. - August 22, 2012

DivineCoders Redefining Bible Code, Released New 3D Bible Code Viewer

DivineCoders has, yet again, redefined Bible Code by recently publishing a brand new way to view your results. James Everett (Chief Executive Officer) explains, "Our new 3D viewer allows one to see their results in the way they were encoded and is exclusive to DivineCoders." - May 31, 2012

DivineCoders: New Advancements and Windows Bible Code Software v2.0 Now Available

DivineCoders is kicking off 2012 with the release of a second major freeware version of their Windows based Bible Code software. This highly anticipated Windows version incorporates all of the latest DivineCoders advancements and standards and comes equipped with a completely new design and many new features. - January 18, 2012

DivineCoders Free Online Bible Code Software Version 2.0 Now Available

DivineCoders, the developers of the world's first and only true online Bible Code software, just released an updated version of their site and services. It now has a brand new design and provides quicker search speeds, an improved matrix display, and added resources. On October 31st, 2011,... - November 02, 2011

DivineCoders: Creating New Advancements in Bible Code Research

New advancements in Bible Code Research are propelling the world forward toward a greater understanding of God. DivineCoders has stumbled upon an ancient device that can be used to locate hidden words encoded in the Bible, mathematically, with the assistance of computers. - February 02, 2011

DivineCoders: New Online Bible Code Software: Now Available Online

DivineCoders, the leaders in Bible Code research/analysis, today introduced a new revolutionary online Bible Code software and services, a new product that is applying standards and revolutionizing the industry. - December 03, 2010

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