5 Steps IT Leaders Can Take to Improve IT Project Success Rate Up to 87%

Five factors found to be responsible for successful technology adoption fully explained in free IT Leadership Brief. - May 19, 2010

Enterprise CMDB Requires Unique Solution

Report explains 5 critical technologies required of an enterprise CMDB, and details why so few products today deliver on them. - January 22, 2007

You Can’t Purchase an ITIL CMDB

Report states most information technology organizations can realize the ITIL CMDB without purchasing anything--and that they in fact already have configuration management in place. - December 09, 2006

Costs of Highly Available Systems Outweigh Business Benefits

New report states that the costs to implement and maintain customer demanded high availability can exceed the return on investment. - December 07, 2006

Article Claims 'Over Servicing' Customers Bad for Business

Information Technology industry expert Hank Marquis claims the focus on delivering more than a customer asks for jeopardizes profitability. - December 04, 2006

IT Commoditization Unexpectedly Aids Competitive Advantage

Predictions that IT operations would migrate away from corporate control to outsourcers may not be coming true. - November 18, 2006

Article Accuses Business for Many IT Problems

The loss of competitive advantage from IT may not be entirely due to its commoditization. It is starting to become clear that at least some of the responsibility lies with business activities taking place outside of the control of IT. - November 12, 2006

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