Vi-Tel Wireless Has Launched Instant Multi-Carrier Wireless Refills, Top-Ups, and Instant Pin Delivery via the Company’s Web Portal

Vi-Tel Wireless has announced instant multi-carrier wireless refills, top-ups, and instant pin delivery via the company’s web portal. This system will enable VI-Tel’s business owners to begin accepting bill payments from their customers for many providers and carriers nationwide. - September 28, 2011

Vi-Tel Wireless Launches Merchant Services Division to the Network Marketing Community

Vi-Tel Wireless has continually vowed to bring only nationally recognized products and only partnering with industry leaders. Carrying with that business model Vi-Tel announces that they have completed their agreement with North American Bancard, the largest independent merchant services company in the nation and forming Vi-Tel Business Solutions. Merchant Services will be the first product to be offered through their Business Solutions division. - February 11, 2011

Vi-Tel Wireless Confirms the Companies’ Website Traffic is Up Over 300% from Previous Month

The company has confirmed recent reports that it has seen a dramatic increase of website traffic and phone calls into their corporate headquarters. The company attributes this increase in traffic to recent positive publicity, recent articles released regarding the company and its products, and some top people in the industry taking interest in the company as well. - February 06, 2011

Network Marketing Leaders Begin Flocking to VI-Tel Wireless

Vi-Tel Wireless is a direct reseller of wireless and cellular products and since inception, the company has been making headlines. Most recently the Network marketing and MLM community leaders have been quietly making a move over to VI-Tel Wireless. VI-Tel has seen a significant increase an interest of the recent weeks and contributes this to the recent interest of some of the industries heaviest hitters. - January 31, 2011

Vi-Tel Wireless Completes Its Initial Launch of All Products and Services

Vi-Tel Wireless has completed its pre-launch phase and has begun its official launch with all core products in place. Vi-Tel wireless offers online wireless stores to the network marketing, mlm, and direct sales community. They offer the latest in wireless and cellular products through the Nation’s Top Wireless Providers. The company has launched an affordable business solution to potential business owners. - January 28, 2011

Vi-Tel Wireless Announces That It is Now Offering Wireless Dealerships Through Its Website That Launched Last Week. Vi-Tel Offers Full Line of Cellular Products.

Vi-Tel enables prospective clients can own and operate a wireless dealership online. The Corporation has launched the website and it is fully live. Vi-Tel Wireless also launched its satellite division this week and it is fully live and functional at this time. - December 19, 2010

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