A New Resource for Horse Lovers Buying or Selling Horse Properties, Trailers, Saddles and Hay

WikiHorseWorld.com announces four new horse-related Classified Ads for equine real estate plus horse trailers, saddles and hay. The equestrian website also added rotating photo galleries (slide shows) to its equine classifieds, pedigrees, forums and articles. - October 10, 2012

WikiHorseWorld.com Announces a Horse Veterinarian & Master Saddle Fitter for Its Ask a Pro Service

WikiHorseWorld.com announces a new Horse Veterinarian and Master Saddle Fitter for their free Ask a Horse Pro service. Both horse professionals plus the website's Pro Horse Trainer will answer horse related questions for members absolutely free. - August 01, 2012

WikiHorseWorld.com Unveils a New Affiliate Program for Using Its Horse Pedigree and Classified Systems

WikiHorseWorld.com today announced their new Affiliate Program which allows Horse Associations and Registries to use WikiHorseWorld's advanced horse pedigree and classified systems on their websites free. - October 06, 2011

WikiHorseWorld.com Names Hillorie Bachmann-Vidal as Senior Vice President of Marketing

WikiHorseWorld.com, a leading horse and equestrian website, today announced Hillorie Bachmann-Vidal as the website's new Senior Vice President of Marketing. - June 29, 2011

WikiHorseWorld.com Expands Its Equine Social Network for Horse Lovers

WikiHorseWorld.com today announced that they've expanded their Equine Social Network for horse lovers to include a revolutionary site-wide Equine Community Toolbar. - May 26, 2011

WikiHorseWorld.com Announces a New Social Network for Horse Lovers

WikiHorseWorld.com announces their new Equine Social Network Community free for horse lovers, horse professionals, and equine enthusiasts around the world. - April 02, 2011

Free Advice for Horse Owners with Problem Horses

Have an "Issue" with Your Horse? WikiHorseWorld.com announces their new Professional Horse Trainer who will answer all your Horse Training Questions absolutely free. - January 08, 2011

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