Voice123 Updates Customer Service Options

Voice123 now offers a very complete selection of alternatives for customer assistance. - February 22, 2007

"I Hear Voices" is the New Newsletter for Voiceover Talent Seekers

Voice123 released a new newsletter for voice seekers registered with their service. - February 21, 2007

Voice123 Now Offers Fully Produced Video Game Voiceovers

Voice123 voice talents now offer complete voiceover production for video game voice over recordings. - February 20, 2007

Voice123 Presents Inductive Video For New Users of Their Service

New and prospect voice talent seekers can learn about the Voice123 service beforehand. - February 20, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Becomes The Tool for Hiring Foreign Voice Actors

Voice123 now features voice actors from many different countries and languages. - February 18, 2007

Voice123 Launches New Newsletters for Its Subscribers

Comes with new design and content about Voice123 and the voice over acting industry. - February 18, 2007

Voice123 Makes a Hit with Voice Over Acting Industry Webinars

The online seminars for voice over talents make Voice123 a valuable and pioneering service. - February 17, 2007

Voice123 Reveals Updates About the New Version of Its Website

Voice123, the online voice over marketplace, is soon to release a new version of its website. - February 16, 2007

Banner Ad Space Available in the Voice123 Industry Directory

Advertising opportunities debut in the Voice123 voice over and media industry directory. - February 15, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Introduces Link Exchange Feature

Voice123 subscribers can take advantage of the link exchange feature to promote their own websites. - February 15, 2007

VoiceOverSavvy.com Launches Forum for Pro Voiceovers

The Voice Over Savvy Forums created a forum for pro voice actors to discuss anything related to voice over acting. - February 15, 2007

Voice Over Talent Knowledge Base Now Available at Voice123.com

Voice123 looks forward to become the most complete resource website for the voice acting industry. - February 14, 2007

Voice123 Reveals Most Popular Voice Over Recordings

Voice123 presents stats for what types of projects are voice talent seekers needing voices. - February 14, 2007

Voice123 Releases New Project Posting Form for Voice Talent Seekers

The new project form makes the process of finding the right voiceover artist faster and more efficient. - February 13, 2007

Professional Voiceovers for Non-Commercial Projects Available at Voice123.com

Voice123, the online voice over marketplace, now offers professional voice over talent for all types of non-commercial voiceovers. - February 10, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Now Features Voices for Internet Radio Stations

Voice123 becomes an effective online tool to find professional voiceovers for Internet stations. - February 10, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Presents New About Us Section

Voice123 created a new About Us section with useful information about the company and its members. - February 09, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Releases Completely Redesigned Newsletter

With new looks and design, Voice123’s newsletter is now more attractive, complete, and useful. - February 09, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Introduces New Website Updates and Improvements

Voice123 releases a series of useful changes to their website and service. - February 08, 2007

Pre-release Special Offer for Buying Ad Space at Voice123 (voice123.com)

Clients that buy advertising space before release of the new version of Voice123.com, get a special bonus. - February 08, 2007

Voice123 Launches Partner Landing Pages Program

An online marketing opportunity to create a seamless way for your customers to find voice overs. - February 07, 2007

Recommended Banner Ads Now Available at Voice123 (voice123.com)

Buy a banner ad and reach the largest and most active voice over acting database. - February 07, 2007

Voice123 Announces Discounts for Block-Booking Ad Space at Voice123.com

Get discounts when block-booking advertising space on the largest voice over acting website. - February 06, 2007

Voice123 Joins The VoiceOver International Creative Experience in Las Vegas

Voice123 sponsors VOICE 2007, the first annual voiceover event in Las Vegas, Nevada - February 05, 2007

Voice123 Introduces Advertising Packages at Voice123.com

Voice123 is selling complete advertising packages for placing banner ads on their website. - February 03, 2007

Voice Talents and Producers for Google Audio Ads Available at Voice123.com

Voice123 features a database of professional voiceover talent and voice producers for Google Audio Ads. - February 03, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Announces New Categories for Industry Directory

The Voice123 Voice Over and Media Industry Directory keeps growing and adding new categories. - February 02, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Revamps Voice Talent Profile Manager

Voice123 released an improved profile manager interface for registered voice over actors. - February 01, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Enhances Customer Confidentiality and Privacy Policies

Voice123 improves privacy policies to help project owners keep their information secure. - February 01, 2007

Voice123 Announces Availability of Local Voice Talent at Voice123.com

Find professional voice over actors at your location through the largest voice over marketplace. - January 31, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Improves Project Approval and Broadcasting Process

The enhanced process will speed up the process of posting and receiving voice over projects. - January 31, 2007

Voice123 Introduces Affiliate Program for the Voice Over Community

Voice123 released its affiliate program, created to offer opportunities to make money through the largest voice over marketplace. - January 30, 2007

Voice123 Enhances 'My Preferred Talents' Feature for Voice Talent Seekers

The improved feature makes the voiceover talent search easier and faster. - January 30, 2007

Voice123 Introduces Online Voice Over Auditioning Training Sessions

The Voice123 team presents weekly training sessions for voice over actors who want to get into online voice over auditioning. - January 27, 2007

The Voice Over Savvy Forum Announces Winner of One-Year Subscription to Voice123

The Voice Over Savvy Forum presented the monthly winner of a Premium Subscription to Voice123. - January 27, 2007

Voice123 Reaches Availability of More Than 25,000 Voice Over Demos at Voice123.com

Voice123 is an online voice over marketplace containing the largest database of online voiceover demos. - January 26, 2007

Voice123 Announces Voice Talent for Podcasting Availability at Voice123.com

Voice123 releases the easiest online tool to find voices for podcasting voiceover recordings. - January 26, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Introduces SmartCast Technology for Online Voice Over Castings

Voice123 is implementing a new technology for faster and accurate online voice over casting processes. - January 25, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Expands Benefits of Voice Talents’ Premium Subscriptions

Voice123 offers important benefits to voice over actors registered with Voice123’s Premium Subscription. - January 25, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Updates Payment Options for Its Users

Voice123 users can buy Premium Subscriptions via credit card, PayPal, fax, check, or money order. - January 24, 2007

Now Find Fully Produced Animation and Cartoon Voiceovers at Voice123 (voice123.com)

Voice123 voice talents now offer complete voiceover production for animation, cartoon, and character voiceover projects. - January 24, 2007

Voice123 Sponsors VoiceOver International Creative Experience

Voice123 is the Premier Sponsor of The VoiceOver International Creative Experience in Las Vegas. - January 23, 2007

Voice Talent for Valentine’s Advertising Available at Voice123 (voice123.com)

Voice123 has the largest selection of voices for all types of Valentine’s Day advertising, promotion, and messages. - January 23, 2007

Voice Talent for Jingles and Songs Available at Voice123 (voice123.com)

Voice talent seekers can find professional voice artists to record jingles and songs for any type of voiceover project. - January 23, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Sets Customer Services as Number One Priority

Voice123 has developed a very complete and practical strategy to provide high quality customer service. - January 20, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Now Features Voices for Business and Corporate Presentations

Voice123 is a useful and effective online tool to find voices for business and corporate voiceover recordings. - January 20, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Becomes the Source for Voices in More than 35 Different Languages

Voice123, the voice over marketplace, features voice actors in almost any language and location worldwide. - January 19, 2007

Script Bank for Voice Over Demos Now Available at Voice123 (voice123.com)

Voice123 offers a selection of royalty-free sample scripts that voice talents may use for their voice over demos. - January 19, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Now Features Professional Voices for IVR Systems

Voice123 releases the easiest online tool to find voices for IVR (Interactive Voice Response) recordings. - January 18, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Provides Payments Tips for Online Voice Over Jobs

Find guidelines on how to make sure you get paid for voice over work when using voice over websites. - January 17, 2007

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