Voice123 (voice123.com) Announces Website Updates and Improvements

Voice123 has released some updates and changes on their website and services. - January 17, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Announces Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Voice123 starts to sell advertising space on their website and offers marketing partnerships for the voice over industry. - January 16, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Releases New Categories for Voice Over Projects

New categories allow an enhanced match between voice talents and voice seekers. - January 16, 2007

Marketing Your Voice Over Talent Online at Voice123 (voice123.com)

How to go about marketing and promoting your voice talent online. - January 13, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Provides Tips to Select the Right Voice Over Talent

Voice123 offers tips for those in search of professional voice over recordings for their projects. - January 13, 2007

Resources for Voice Over Talents Found at Voice123 (voice123.com)

Voice123 has become the most complete resource website for professional voice over actors. - January 12, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Increases Customer Experience Ratings

Voice123 surveyed their customers and announced increased ratings in customers’ general experience. - January 12, 2007

Voice123 (voice123.com) Now Features Professional Voices for Video Games

Voice123 released the fastest and easiest online tool to find voices for video game voiceover recordings. - January 11, 2007

The Voice Over Savvy Forum Keeps Growing and Awards Its Users

The Voice Over Savvy Forum (voiceoversavvy.com) becomes the largest forum for the voice over community. - January 11, 2007

Now Find Animation Voices at Voice123 (voice123.com)

A wide variety of voice talent available for comic and cartoon character voiceovers. - December 30, 2006

Voice123 Releases Introductory Video of Their Services

Voice talent seekers can now see an introductory presentation of the company’s services and benefits. - December 29, 2006

Voice123 Now Features Professional Voices for Your Website’s Audio Content

Find professional voice talents for voiceover recordings through an online voice over marketplace. - December 28, 2006

Voice Over Talents Move from Voice Talent Agents to Voice123 (voice123.com)

How to go about finding voice over jobs online through an Internet voice over marketplace. - December 27, 2006

Voice123 Leads the Way for Webinars and Online Trainings for Voice Over Industry

The online seminars and trainings for voice over talents make Voice123 a valuable service for voice talents. - December 22, 2006

Voice123.com All Set for a Makeover

The launch of a faster, more effective version of the website is upcoming. - December 21, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Announces the Launch of Marketing Partnership Opportunities

Voice123 is offering marketing partnerships to companies and people involved in the voice over industry. - December 20, 2006

The Proposed Public Launch of Google Audio Ads Increases Traffic on Voice123.com

An increasing number of talent seekers opting for the vast talent pool available on Voice123. - December 20, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) is Now Starting to Sell Advertising Space on their Website

Voice123 has started to sell ad space as part of the release of the new version of their website. - December 15, 2006

Voice Over Savvy Forum, the Online Community of Voiceover Artists Grows from Peer to Peer

An offering from Voice123 (voice123.com), the forum has seen unprecedented success since its launch. - December 14, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Now Features Voice Talents to Record Voicemails and Phone Messages

Voice123, the online voice over marketplace, now has professional voice over talents to do any type of phone system recording. - December 12, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Announces New Improved Job Posting Processing for Its Customers

A faster and more accurate voice over job posting approval and broadcast process has been implemented by Voice123. - December 08, 2006

Free Webinar ‘Step Up To the Mic’ with Legendary Voiceover Artist Rodney Saulsberry on Voice123

Registered voice talents can interact with Rodney Saulsberry on December 7th 2006 exclusively on Voice123.com - December 06, 2006

Talent Seekers Find the Right Voiceover Talent to Record Jingles for Radio & TV Commercials on Voice123.com

Scores of voiceover actors registered with the site make for wide range of options. - November 30, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Hosted Online Seminar with Top Voice Talent James Alburger

Voice123.com, the unsurpassed voice over marketplace, and professional voice over talent James Alburger, teamed up to present “The Art of Voice Acting” webinar. - November 28, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Industry Directory Registers Highest Number of Listings

Voice123, an online voice over marketplace, recently launched a voice over and media industry directory. - November 25, 2006

Audiobook Publishers and Producers Now Find Professional Voices on Voice123 (voice123.com)

Voice123, an online voice over marketplace, offers professional voice over talents for audiobook recordings. - November 24, 2006

Voice123 (http://voice123.com) Presented the Guide to Voice Over Rates

Voice123, an online voice over marketplace, recently developed a rate guide for voice over work. - November 23, 2006

The Voice Over Savvy Forums (VoiceOverSavvy.com) were Launched for the Voice Over Community

Voice123’s VoiceOverSavvy.com forums have been tremendously active since they were released three weeks ago. - November 22, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Now Features Voice Actors for Radio and Television Commercials

Voice123, the online voice over marketplace, now offers professional voice over talent for all types of radio and television commercials. - November 21, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) has Unveiled the Voice123 SmartCast Technology

Voice123, the largest voice over marketplace, recently implemented a system to match professional voice over talents called Voice123 SmartCast. - November 18, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Now Has the Professional Voice Actors to Record your Podcasts

Voice123, the largest voice over marketplace, now features professional voice over talents to help you record your podcasting session. - November 17, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Recently Announced the Release of their New Website

Voice123, the largest voice over marketplace, just started to promote the soon release of their completely redesigned and revamped service. - November 15, 2006

Movie, Film, and Video Producers Find Professional Voice Overs Using Voice123 (voice123.com)

Voice123, the largest voice over marketplace, offers the best and most professional voice over actors for any type of movie, film, or video. - November 14, 2006

Video Game Developers and Producers Can Now Find the Best Character Voices on Voice123 (voice123.com)

Voice123 is starting to offer the fastest and easiest online application to find the best character and animation voices for video game creators. - November 11, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Announces Website and Service Updates

Voice123, the most important voice over marketplace, has undertaken a series of updates and changes made to improve their users’ experience. - November 10, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Launches The Voice Over Savvy Forums

Voice123, the most important voice over marketplace, released a free forum for the voice over industry and community. - November 08, 2006

Voice123 (voice123.com) Launches Voice Over and Media Industry Directory

Voice123, the most important voice over marketplace, released an online directory of resources for the voice over and media industry. - November 08, 2006

Voice123 Announces a Series of New Categories for Voiceover Recording

New categories aim at providing a greater body of work for voice over talents. - September 26, 2006

Voice123 Introduces a New Pricing Matrix for Voice Over Talents

New pricing guide will help voce over artists make accurate quote. - September 16, 2006

Voice123 Introduces Online Training Sessions

An induction into the world of voice overs by members of the Voice123 team. - September 15, 2006

Voice123 Introduces New ‘My Preferred Talents’ Feature for Voice Talent Seekers

New feature will make voice over actor search more streamlined. - September 15, 2006

Voice123 Introduces a New Lead Form for Voice Talent Seekers

A faster and more efficient process to find the right voiceover artist for your project. - September 14, 2006

Voice123 Announces Integration of Project Posting Approval Process with CRM System

Voice over projects are now received, approved, and managed using the same system customer service issues are managed. - September 14, 2006

Voice Talent Seekers Find Voices for Podcasting Projects at Voice123

The website boasts of the largest database of voice talents suited for podcasting. - September 13, 2006

An Introduction to Podcasting by Voice123.com

Find the best voices to record your podcasts easy and fast. - September 12, 2006

Voice123.com Achieves Milestone Reaching 3000 Premium Subscribers

The online voice over marketplace has the largest pool of professional voice over actors. - September 09, 2006

Voice123 Launches the New SmartCast System for Streamlining the Voice Over Audition Process

The new system will make searching for the right voice talent quicker and accurate. - September 09, 2006

Improved Quality of Voice Over Demos on Voice123.com

Showcase your voice talent more effectively with an enhanced audio quality of online voice demos. - September 08, 2006

Voice123.com Undergoes A Website Makeover

New Lead Manager Interface Introduced for Voice Talent Members. - September 05, 2006

Voice123 Introduces a New Profile Management Interface for Voice Talents

The company released an improved profile manager interface, with new looks and sections. - September 02, 2006

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