Binder-USA Releases Adjustable M12 Receptacles

New receptacles with adjustable angular positions as part of the Series 713, 763, 715 and 766 automation product ranges. - November 05, 2011

Binder-USA Improves M12 Connectors with Hexagonal Locking Ring Nut

Binder-USA is pleased to announce the addition of a knurled and hex threaded locking ring nut to the M12 Series 763 and 766 overmolded connectors. - May 12, 2011

Binder-USA M8 Connectors Overmolded with Hexagonal Die-cast Thread

M8 Sensor Cordsets now have hexagonal die-cast locking nut. - February 26, 2011

Binder-USA Expands RD24 Connectors to Accept Larger Cables

Binder RD24 industrial connectors now accept cables with an OD of 8-12mm. - January 19, 2011

Binder-USA M8 Panel-Mount Receptacles

Binder-USA M8 Series 718 and 768 connector line has expanded with new panel-mount receptacles. - July 29, 2010

M9 Cordsets Unshielded for Low-Cost

Unshielded Cost-Effective M9 Cordsets - May 12, 2010

Binder-USA 7/8” T-Splitter for Industrial Applications

Binder-USA has announced the release of a T-shaped splitter for the Series 870 7/8” connectors. The T-splitter is used to connect several devices for a power supply or a bus connection. Designed for DeviceNet applications, the 7/8” connectors are ideal for use in industrial automation... - March 24, 2010

Binder-USA Releases Torque Wrench to Aid Assembly of 7/8” Industrial Connectors

Binder-USA is pleased to announce the release of a new torque wrench for its 7/8” Series 820 connectors. The tool is designed to aid in connecting and disconnecting 7/8” field-attachable cable connectors with hex shaped locking nuts. The 7/8” connectors are ideally suited for... - March 22, 2010

Stainless Steel M12 Connectors with New Specifications

Binder-USA announces an upgraded version of its M12 stainless steel connectors. The upgrade includes larger cable outlets and increased environmental protection with high-grade seals. The newly upgraded connectors are ideally suited for applications in the food and beverage industry, chemical... - February 13, 2010

Protective Caps for Push-Pull Connectors

Binder-USA IP67-rated protective caps for Series 430, push-pull connectors. - January 13, 2010

Protective Caps for M8 Panel Connectors

Binder-USA has released protective caps for its Series 718, M8 panel connectors. The caps provide IP67-rated environmental protection for un-mated panel-mount sockets. The M8 connectors are used for sensors in the automation industry. Each protective cap attaches directly via a loop to the... - January 07, 2010

MPE-Garry Raises Power Density on Connectors

MPE-Garry, a sister company of Binder-USA, has released a PCB power connector with an increased power density. These connectors are ideal for board-to-board connection in the solar panel industry. Each connector is built on a 5.08 mm pitch and has a rated current of 16 Amps per contact. It has a... - December 02, 2009

Binder-USA Micro Push-Pull Connectors

Binder-USA is pleased to introduce the Series 420 micro push-pull connectors. These connectors are the newest addition to the Binder-USA sub-miniature product line. This style of connector is commonly used for small applications in the medical and commercial industries. The push-pull cable... - November 13, 2009

Binder-USA Network Cable Connectors Accept Larger Wire Sizes

Binder-USA has announced its newest addition of 7/8” cable connectors with 2.5mm terminal cross-section capacity to the Series 820 field-attachable connectors. The increase in terminal size now accepts wire sizes up to 14 AWG. With the larger terminal size the 7/8” connectors are well... - October 02, 2009

IP68 Pre-Wired M12 Male Panel Connectors

M12 panel connectors with M20 x 1.5 and PG 13.5 mounting threads. - September 04, 2009

M9 Metal Connector Shielded with Iris Spring

M9 robust metal connector shielded with an iris spring. - August 08, 2009

Binder-USA Offers M12 Panel-Mounted Receptacles with Plastic Housing

Binder-USA is pleased to announce new female panel-mounted receptacles with plastic housing as part of the M12 Series 713 automation product line. The plastic housing offers a cost effective alternative to expensive stainless steel housings commonly used in corrosive environments. The new... - July 19, 2009

7/8” Feed-Through Panel Connector

Binder-USA is pleased to announce the addition of a 7/8” threaded-locking feed-through connector to the Series 820 product line. The feed-through connector connects male and female cable connectors between the cabinet and industrial environments. The 7/8” connectors are commonly used... - June 24, 2009

RD24 7-Pin Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Binder-USA has expanded its line of RD24 Series 692 overmolded connectors with the addition of a 7-pin connector. The 7-pin RD24 connectors are commonly used for power supplies in the oil and gas industry and various commercial applications. The cordsets offer male or female, straight or right... - June 03, 2009

Overmolded Cable Assemblies with Snap-in Connectors

Binder-USA is pleased to announce the addition of overmolded cordsets to the Series 620 and Series 720 family of plastic snap-in connectors. The snap-in locking system allows quick connect and disconnect of the mated pair. Snap-in locking connectors are commonly used for commercial and light-duty... - May 01, 2009

PCB Mountable M12 Socket Connectors

Binder-USA’s newest addition to its M12 socket connectors is a shielded receptacle with PCB solder contacts. The integral shielding sheet can be fastened to the circuit board before the soldering process. The new male and female receptacles are available with 4, 5 or 8 gold-plated contacts... - March 25, 2009

M8 Connectors with Solder Contacts

Binder-USA has extended its M8 field-attachable connectors with an option of solder termination for both metal and plastic versions. The connectors now include a full plastic contact body design. These Series 768 M8 connectors are ideal for automation sensor applications. All M8 connectors are... - January 28, 2009

M16 Connectors with PG11 Cable Outlet

Binder-USA has expanded its line of M16 field-attachable DIN connectors with a larger cable outlet size. The Series 423 M16 connectors are now available with a PG11 cable outlet for cable diameters from 8 to 10 mm. In addition to the new and larger cable outlet, the Binder Series 423 line of... - December 17, 2008

M12 Socket Connectors with Profibus Cable

Binder-USA has released a M12 shielded panel-mounted male or female connector pre-assembled for Profibus and Ethernet users. The receptacle is attached to a shielded cable with a twisted pair of AWG 22 wires. The Profibus receptacles are available in front- or rear-mount design for mounting to... - November 09, 2008

Gastight M8 Panel-Mount Connectors

Binder-USA has expanded its M8 Series 718 product line with a gastight male potted panel-mounted receptacle. The new connector is designed for applications in a vacuum-sealed environment. The potted Series 718 connectors are tested for a maximum leak rate of 8x10^-8 millibar per second. The... - October 10, 2008

M8 Connectors with Biatec Quick Termination

Binder-USA is pleased to introduce its M8 field attachable connectors with Biatec quick termination technology. The Series 768 connectors with Biatec termination provide easy assembly in the field with only basic tools required. Biatec technology is a unique design allowing wires to be attached... - September 14, 2008

M12 Right-Angle Connectors with Iris Spring Shielding Technology

Binder-USA has expanded its M12 product line with shielded right-angle cable connectors using the advanced iris shielding spring feature. - August 08, 2008

Shieldable M8 Angled Connectors with Solder Termination

Binder-USA is pleased to announce the addition of a shielded M8 right-angle connector for industrial applications where space is limited. - July 17, 2008

M12 Connectors Accepts Smaller Cable

Binder-USA introduces an expansion of cable outlet sizes for the existing Series 713, M12 Connectors. - June 28, 2008

M8 Dual Patchcord

Binder-USA is pleased to announce the addition of a M8 to M8 dual patchcord to the Series 765 family. The new patchcord has one male and two female M8 connectors and is used to make the connection between a female and two male M8 connectors in an industrial network. The male M8 connector has four... - June 14, 2008

M8 to M12 Connector Adapter

Binder-USA has announced the release of a M8 to M12 connector adapter as part of the company’s Series 765 automation connectors. The adapter allows the connection between M12 and M8 cordsets. The small IP67-rated adapter can be used for many factory automation applications where M12 and M8... - May 09, 2008

New Compact Design for M9 Molded Connectors

Binder-USA has recently released a modified version of its Series 702, M9 molded connectors. This modification features a new compact design ideally suited for medical and industrial applications with limited space. The Series 702 are preassembled cordsets designed to improve strain relief and... - April 10, 2008

Sub-Miniature Plastic Push-Pull Connectors with IP67 Rating

Binder-USA has recently announced the expansion of its plastic push-pull locking product family with the new sub-miniature Series 430 connectors. - February 02, 2008

Binder-USA Adapts the Iris Spring for EMI Shielding

Binder-USA introduces iris spring shielding technology to many of its industrial network and sensor connectors to protect equipment from EMI (electromagnetic interference). - January 24, 2008

Shielded M8 Connectors with Screw Termination

Binder-USA is pleased to announce the addition of shielded connectors with screw termination to the Series 768 M8 Euro-style connectors. The new connectors allow for shielded connections protecting analog and sensitive signals from EMI interference in industrial Ethernet or Fieldbus networks. The... - January 04, 2008

M12 Feed-Through Connectors Keep Panels Sealed

Binder-USA recently has made an addition to its M12, 713 series connectors with a newly-designed threaded feed-through connector. - December 12, 2007

M12 Angled Connectors with Cage Clamp Termination

Binder-USA's 713, 715 and 825 series are now available in a shieldable right-angled version with a cage clamp connection. - November 28, 2007

Field Attachable 7/8" Connectors Now Accepts Larger Cable

Binder-USA is pleased to announce an expansion of a new version of the 820 series 7/8” threaded connectors. These cable plugs will now accept cables having an outer diameter of up to 14mm max. This provides more versatility for industries requiring connections for Fieldbus applications. The... - October 24, 2007

M9 Feed-Through Connectors Keep Panels Sealed

Binder-USA recently enhanced their 702 & 712 series connector product lines. - September 21, 2007

All-Plastic Industrial Connector Now Accepts Larger Cable

Binder-USA is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the 692 and 693 series connectors. Cable plugs will now accept multi-conductor cables having an outer diameter of up to 14mm max. Prior to this new development the largest acceptable cable diameter was 12mm. The larger cable... - September 19, 2007

Protective Caps Seal M8 Threaded Connectors to IP67

Binder-USA is proud to announce the addition of M8 protective caps to their 718 and 768 series M8 connector product line. The protective caps, when applied to unmated connectors, ensure a protection rating of IP67. These caps are ideal for use in factory automation and process control... - August 17, 2007

Protective Caps Ensure 7/8" Connectors Stay Sealed to IP67

Binder-USA is pleased to announce the addition of protective caps to Binder’s 820/870 series 7/8” threaded connector system. These caps are designed to maintain an IP67 protection rating while connectors are in the unmated condition. The caps protect the connectors from the ingress... - August 09, 2007

M12 Panel Mount Connectors Now in Stainless Steel

Binder-USA is pleased to announce the development of stainless steel M12 threaded sockets. The addition of these parts to Binder’s 763 series provides customers with a complete range of stainless steel connectors, ideal for use in food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other... - August 01, 2007

Binder-USA Offers Stainless Steel M12 Connectors

Binder-USA is proud to announce the release of a new stainless steel version of the 713 series M12 field attachable connector. The stainless steel housing provides a reliable and rugged interface ideal for use in harsh environment applications, food processing equipment and any application... - July 28, 2007

Torque Wrench Ensures M12 Connectors are Properly Mated

Binder-USA announces the release of a new torque wrench designed to aid in connecting and disconnecting standard M12 field attachable cable connectors with hex shaped locking nuts. The tool is designed to ensure hex nuts are tightened to the correct torque value of 0.6Nm. The tool also allows... - July 14, 2007

Enhanced M12 Connector Design Reduces Assembly Time

Binder-USA announces a design enhancement for the M12 shielded connectors within the 713, 715 and 825 series. This revised version reduces the amount of loose parts and reduces the number of assembly steps from 8 to 6 ensuring a quick and easy assembly. These improvements are made possible by... - July 14, 2007

Binder 423 Series Provides Robust Connections for Industrial Applications

Binder-USA is proud to present the 423 series industrial connector to the North American market. The robust design of the 423 series make it the ideal connector system for demanding industrial applications requiring a small circular DIN connector. The 423 series is intermateable with Binder’s... - December 01, 2006

Binder Releases New Product Catalog

Binder-USA is proud to announce the release of a new full-line product catalog. The new catalog simplifies product search by grouping like product families and related technical information. As an example, the M12 connector category now contains subcategories identifying insert coding (a-coding,... - December 01, 2006

Solenoid Valve Connectors Now Available with Metric Threads

Binder-USA is proud to announce to arrival of solenoid valve connectors with metric threads. The product line addition complies with the latest industry norm stating that new designs are to use only metric threaded connectors. Solenoid connectors are offered in three types/sizes – A, B... - December 01, 2006

Binder Introduces Field Attachable 7/8" Connectors

Binder-USA is proud to announce the release of their field wireable 820 series 7/8” threaded connectors. Field wireable connectors allow increased manufacturing flexibility and will mate with industry standard 7/8” threaded connectors. Binder’s 820 series 7/8” threaded... - December 01, 2006

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