Recently Released: One Concierge Unveils Re-Vamped Membership Options

One Concierge rolls out newly defined Membership offerings to better enhance experience for both new and existing clients. - July 31, 2013

One Concierge Teams Up with Masada Tactical to Provide Tailored Security Solutions to Its Members

One Concierge and Masada Tactical offer customized security options to clients around the world. - June 07, 2013

One Concierge Expands Portfolio of Exclusive Travel Experiences by Way of Arisoko

One Concierge teams up with Arisoko to provide experiential-based travel opportunities to membership base around the world. - June 06, 2013

One Concierge Named Official On-Site Concierge Provider of New York City International Film Festival; June 13 – June 20, 2013

One Concierge to provide hands on assistance at the 2013 New York City Film Festival on June 13-June 20, 2013. - June 06, 2013

The Life of Luxury Undergoes Re-Branding and Re-Introduction Under One Concierge

The Life of Luxury Blog has been reinvented by the leader in global concierge services, One Concierge. One Concierge is the exclusive fulfillment provider of all of The Life of Luxury's clients requests. - April 28, 2013

One Concierge & Legacy Concierge Provide Access to Local Concierge Services in South Africa

One Concierge is able to provide assistance for clients on the ground and in the country of South Africa. - October 19, 2012

One Concierge Makes Hard-to-Get Gift Ideas, Easier with

One Concierge joins forces with to provide access to luxury and unique gift giving ideas for members worldwide. - October 06, 2012

One Concierge Provides on the Ground Support to Members in Dubai, U.A.E.

One Concierge creates newly formed vendor agreement with AI Assist in Dubai, U.A.E. - October 03, 2012

One Concierge Named Official Provider of 2012 Funkshion Fashion Week; Miami Beach, FL

One Concierge provides exclusive access to Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami Beach; October 2012. - September 28, 2012

One Concierge & Global Adrenaline Check-In at Mandalay Bay for the Haunted Hotel Ball

One Concierge in partnership with Global Adrenaline to provide direct access to Haunted Hotel Ball at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas on October 27, 2012. - September 27, 2012

One Concierge & Lavish Store to Provide VIP Access to Red-Carpet Events/Experiences Worldwide

One Concierge will be providing fulfillment services for all red-carpet/exclusive events for The Lavish Store Client-Base. - September 17, 2012

One Concierge Expands Concierge & Lifestyle Management Services to Marrakesh, Morocco

One Concierge now offers leisure and entertainment services to client base located in Marrakech, Morocco. - September 12, 2012

One Concierge Adds Rendez-Vous Limousine to Vendor Database in Washington, DC, USA

One Concierge creates additional ground transportation options for clients in Washington DC by way of Rendez-Vous Limousines. - August 19, 2012

One Concierge & Bidwell Group Announce Partnership

One Concierge announces partnership with boutique lifestyle firm, The Bidwell Group. - August 02, 2012

One Concierge Creates Worldwide Custom Travel Itineraries with Dioduet Travel

One Concierge to expand on global travel services incorporating global travel itineraries with Dioduet Travel. - July 22, 2012

Private Flight Advisors and One Concierge Announce Partnership

Leading Provider of Concierge and Lifestyle Management Services Will Provide Additional Private Jet Charter Options Through Private Flight Advisors - July 21, 2012

One Concierge Offers Additional Ground Transport Support in Dallas, TX

One Concierge expands global transport network with additional support & coverage in Dallas, TX - July 01, 2012

One Concierge Unveils New Private Membership Options

One Concierge opens doors to new applicants & unveils new private membership options. - June 02, 2012

One Concierge & RapidBuyr Offer Simplicity Card™ Exclusive

One Concierge & RapidBuyr to offer Simplicity Card™ Exclusive starting March 27, 2012. - March 28, 2012

One Concierge Unveils "Whistler Heli-Ski Experience" Through UniQ'e Portfolio

The newest addition to One Concierge's UniQ'e portfolio provides clients an all inclusive VIP heli-ski experience. - March 23, 2012

One Concierge Introduces Lifestyle Management Services in Bulgaria

One Concierge expands European coverage and introduces lifestyle management services to members in Bulgaria. - March 20, 2012

One Concierge Expands Coverage in Cancun & Mayan Riviera

One Concierge expands concierge & lifestyle management services in Cancun & Mayan Riviera. - March 20, 2012

One Concierge Provides Local Concierge Services in India

One Concierge continues expansion of local concierge services, lifestyle mangemet & HNW support in India. - February 29, 2012

One Concierge Expands Hands-on Coverage in Southern California

One Concierge expands concierge & lifestyle coverage in Southern California through new agreement with Executive Errands. - February 29, 2012

One Concierge Introduces Personal Styling & Shopping Team in Milan

One Conceirge introduces dedicated team of personal stylists, shoppers, fashion advisors & image consultants for clients in Milan, Italy. - February 28, 2012

One Concierge Introduces Dedicated Concierge Team for South Florida Community

One Concierge unveils addition of exclusive, luxury concierge team to serve South Florida community. - February 22, 2012

One Concierge Prepares for Kandy Masquerade at Playboy Mansion

One Concierge prepares clients for an unforgettable evening of sensual delights at Kandy Masquerade at the Playboy Mansion. - February 18, 2012

One Concierge Expands Personal Services in New York

One Concierge introduces new addition to the One Concierge Network™ in New York through agreement with Thee Ultimate Assistant. - February 15, 2012

One Concierge Proud to Offer Hands-on Services in New Orleans

One Concierge expands concierge service in New Orleans through new agreement with Elite Concierge Express. - February 12, 2012

One Concierge Offers Ultimate Playboy Mansion Experiences with VIP Exclusives

One Concierge announces exclusive event access to world renowned Playboy Mansion through agreement with VIP Exclusives. - February 08, 2012

One Concierge Unveils UniQ’e Experiences

One Concierge unveils UniQ'e, an exclusive global collection of luxury and bespoke experiences in over 115 countries around the world. - February 04, 2012

One Concierge Offers Additional Concierge Support in Chicago, IL

Another addition to the One Concierge Network™, a new agreement with "Chocolates on My Pillow" will expand One Concierge's services in Chicago & surrounding areas in Illinois. - January 26, 2012

One Concierge & VIP-LA Sign Agreement for Global Event Access & Bespoke Services

One Concierge signs agreement to expand global event access & bespoke client services. - January 19, 2012

One Concierge to Offer Personal Concierge Services in St. Louis

One Concierge expands concierge services in St. Louis through new agreement with "At Your Service." - January 10, 2012

One Concierge Takes to the Skies with Crest Jets

One Concierge expands private jet charter options & aircraft selection through new agreement with Crest Jets. - December 25, 2011

One Concierge & Alpine Guru to Offer Global Selection of Chalets & Cabins

New agreement with Alpine Guru expands One Concierge's reach to hundreds of ski resorts & chalets around the globe. - December 19, 2011

One Concierge Provides Luxury Travel Support in Kathmandu, Nepal

One Concierge offers new luxury concierge & lifestyle management options in Kathmandu, Nepal. - December 17, 2011

One Concierge Provides Island Flare in British Virgin Islands

One Concierge expands concierge & lifestyle management services to the British Virgin Islands. - December 09, 2011

One Concierge Expands Global Event Portfolio Through Agreement with

One Concierge responds to recent demand in ticket procurement & event requests through agreement with - December 08, 2011

One Concierge Brings Gift Ideas to Life with Executive Perks

Through an agreement with U.K based Executive Perks, One Concierge brings premium gift packages/ideas to a global audience. - December 08, 2011

One Concierge Offers Client Support in Mexico

One Concierge announces comprehensive concierge & lifestyle management support/service options in Mexico. - December 07, 2011

One Concierge Extends Service Offerings to Atlanta, Georgia

One Concierge increases coverage area in Atlanta, Georgia through new agreement with The Concierge Guy. - December 01, 2011

One Concierge Kicks Off at El Clásico in Madrid

One Concierge prepares for kick off at the 2011 El Clásico in Madrid with VIP packages, ticket procurement services & exclusive access. - November 30, 2011

One Concierge Announces Simplicity Card™ Winter Giveaway

One Concierge giving away $2500 USD worth of Simplicity™ Cards in daily draw to Twitter followers. - November 23, 2011

One Concierge Unites Art Lovers at 2011 Miami Art Basel

One Concierge has already received a positive response for the 2011 Miami Art Basel with numerous bookings for VIP access, event reservations & much more. - November 21, 2011

One Concierge Serves an "Ace" at the 2011 ATP World Tour Finals

One Concierge announces concierge & lifestyle management solutions for the 2011 ATP World Tour Finals in London, UK. - November 20, 2011

One Concierge Expands Offerings in Tampa, Florida, USA

One Concierge welcomes The Busy Buddy to the One Concierge Network™ to expand coverage in Tampa, FL. - November 20, 2011

One Concierge Proud Sponsor of Reflections: New Year's Eve Fashion & Music Extravaganza

One Concierge to sponsor NYE fashion & music charity event in Dallas with 360 Magazine & Yakin Works. - November 19, 2011

One Concierge Offers VIP Packages for Christmas Comedy with Jimmy Carr

Fans of comedian Jimmy Carr can enjoy a host of VIP options/packages with One Concierge at this year's Christmas Comedy show at The HAC. - November 14, 2011

One Concierge Unveils Simplicity™ Concierge Card

The One Concierge Simplicity™ Card, unveiled today, is the world’s first reloadable concierge card that provides 24/7 access to live concierge support in over 115 countries around the world. - November 12, 2011

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