Sun Dental Labs Introduces Webinar Series for Dentists and Dental Labs

Sun Dental Labs share product and service knowledge with current and prospective customers in their 2012 webinar series. - January 11, 2012

New Director of Marketing and Operations for Sun Dental Labs

Sun Dental Labs announces that Stephanie Jones, Marketing Director, has been promoted to Director of Marketing and Operations/General Manager. Sun Dental Labs is a world-wide manufacturer of dental products. - October 24, 2011

Sun Dental Labs Introduces CAD Design Services

Sun Dental Labs is now offering CAD design services. Sun Dental Labs is a worldwide full service dental laboratory. - August 21, 2011

Sun Dental Labs Creates Find A Dentist Directory Program

Sun Dental Labs, a full-service US-based dental lab – has created an online database of Sun Dental Labs’ dentists that is called the Find a Dentist Directory for their Sunflex® partial denture product, on This dentist directory was created to assist customers to find a dentist that uses Sun Dental Labs’ products, as well as a tool to assist dentists with marketing to potential patients in their area. - July 15, 2011

Sun Dental Labs’ Sunflex Partial Dentures Make Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products for the Second Year in a Row

Sun Dental Labs has their Sunflex® Partial Dentures named to Dentistry Magazine’s Top 100 Products for 2011. The July issue is dedicated to the top 100 products, which were nominated based on reader generated interest over the past twelve months - Sunflex® Partials will be featured. - July 03, 2011

Sun Dental Labs Introduces Webinar Series for Dentists and Dental Labs

Sun Dental Labs has developed a free webinar series for current and prospective customers. They will take place the second Tuesday of every month and cover the products and services offered by Sun Dental Labs. - June 23, 2011

Sun Dental Labs’ Custom Implant Abutments Named Top 25 Product by Dentistry Today

Sun Dental Labs' Suntech Custom Implant Abutments were named to Dentistry Today Magazine's Top 25 Implant Products. - June 05, 2011

Sun Dental Labs Hires New Key Staff to Gear Up for Worldwide Expansion

Sun Dental Labs, a leading worldwide manufacturer of dental products, has hired additional staff as they prepare to enter new countries. - March 13, 2011

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