Increasing Sophistication of Biological Drugs Driving Innovations in Needle-Free Drug Delivery

Complex new therapeutics and biological drugs are rendering traditional delivery methods obsolete. Innovations in needle-free drug delivery are being driven by the increasing sophistication of biological drugs. - September 08, 2011

Roche, Life Technologies and Illumina Lead Next-Generation Sequencing Market

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, “Next Generation Sequencing Generates Momentum: Markets Respond to Technology and Innovation Advances” published by Insight Pharma Reports - June 18, 2011

Global Information Inc. Announces New Study on Active Optical Cable Market

New CIR report on Active Optic Cabling examines future opportunities and business strategies for the specialized AOC market. - June 16, 2011

Global Information Inc. Presents a New Market Research Study on Reduced-Salt Food and Drink Products

Reduced-salt food and drink products present a huge untapped business opportunity for manufacturers if they can overcome consumer perception hurdles. - June 16, 2011 by Global Information Inc. Broadens Business Industry Profiles Up to Over Fifty Thousand Reports Worldwide

BizReportShop, the newly launched business industry report shop has attracted global online users to access data and analysis efficiently. - May 01, 2011

Global Information Inc. Launches New Website:

Global Information Inc. launches a new website: BizReportShop. This website is dedicated to efficient business analysis, market information, and up-to-date information on segmented industries and global companies. - April 05, 2011

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