Top 50 Companies in China's Real Estate Industry

From January to September 2011, the sales area and sales amount of commodity housing in China increased by 12.9% and 23.2% YOY respectively. - March 11, 2012

Electrochromic Glass Windows Market Expected to Nearly Quadruple to Over $2.1 Billion by 2017

Smart window technologies will grow significantly in the coming decade on the basis of their ability to improve energy efficiencies. - March 10, 2012 DC Building Power Market Set to Exceed $2 Billion

Although dc power is still an emerging industry, it is already providing opportunities for a number of industries and applications. - March 10, 2012 US Demand for Decorative Laminates to Exceed 12 Billion Square Feet in 2015

US demand for decorative laminates is forecast to advance 5.5 percent per year to 12.4 billion square feet in 2015 - March 07, 2012 Global Cyber Warfare Market – North America to Represent 46% Market Share

Global spending on cyber warfare systems is expected to remain robust - March 07, 2012 Global Airports Survey 2012-2013

Global Airports Industry Survey: 51% of Respondents Are More Optimistic About Revenue Growth - March 01, 2012 Asia to Represent 65% of Global Mobile Market by 2015

Global Information Inc. (GII) is pleased to announce a new market research report, "Asian Mobile Market Forecast 2012-2015." The total number of mobile subscribers in both China and India are currently occupying almost 75% of the rest of the 10 countries, and Indonesia, Malaysia,... - March 01, 2012 Market for Testing and Monitoring Key Diseases in East Africa

Increased Awareness of Diagnostic Tools Spurs Market for Testing and Monitoring Key Diseases in East Africa - March 01, 2012 Community and Residential Energy Storage System Investments to Total $4.2 Billion Through 2022

Total worldwide installed capacity for community and residential energy storage systems will reach 3,000 megawatts by 2022. - February 29, 2012 Residential Combined Heat and Power Market to Reach $41 Billion by 2022

Residential CHP technology has the potential to reduce carbon emissions and increase efficiency in the home while, potentially, reducing consumer energy bills - February 29, 2012 Hybrid Cards

New report examines market opportunities for hybrid (Dual Function) cards - February 25, 2012 Wireless Sensor Network Market - a Sea of Small Volume Opportunities

New report forecasts relative growth of emerging wireless sensor network protocols. - February 25, 2012 Industry First Report Assessing Satellite Operator Financial Metrics

Fixed Satellite Service Operators (FSS), Financial Metrics and Benchmarks Point to Solid and Improving Position - February 24, 2012 Drug Discovery Chemistry 2012 in San Diego

Register for the Drug Discovery Chemistry 2012 conferences taking place April 17-19, 2012. - February 23, 2012 The State of EMV Adoption

New Mercator Advisory Group Research Examines the Worldwide Progress of EMV Technology, Migration, and Acceptance. - February 23, 2012 Offshore Oil and Gas Development in APAC

Need to Reduce Dependency on Imports, Declining Onshore Output Drives Growth - February 15, 2012 Metamaterials Applications Market to Reach $758.7 Billion in 2016 Worldwide

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Metamaterials: Technologies and Global Markets." The global market for metamaterials applications is estimated to be valued at $256.1 million in 2011 and is expected to increase to $758.7 million in 2016, a... - February 15, 2012 LTE Subscriptions to Reach 613 Million by 2016 with China Mobile Accounting for 17% of All LTE Subscriptions

Global Information Inc. (GII) is pleased to announce a new market research database, "LTE Subscriptions, Deployments, Spectrum and Infrastructure Contracts Database Q1'2012 database." Driven by the growing demand for mobile broadband access, LTE adoption has considerably gained momentum... - February 15, 2012 Q4’2011 Saw 453 Million Handset Shipments Leading 2011 Yearly Shipments to an All Time High of 1.5 Billion Units

Yearly 2011 shipments of handsets globally reached an all time high of 1.5 billion units, up from 1.37 billion units in 2010. - February 11, 2012 LTE Deployments Drove Cellular Network Operator CAPEX to 128 Billion USD in 2011

Demand for mobile broadband LTE deployments was a key driver of infrastructure sales in throughout 2011. - February 10, 2012 Global Demand for Construction Aggregates to Exceed 48 Billion Metric Tons in 2015

Global market for construction aggregates is expected to increase 5.2 percent per year through 2015 to 48.3 billion metric tons. - February 09, 2012 LTE Subscriptions Reach 6.4 Million in Q4’2011 and Account for 0.1% of the Global Cellular Network Subscriptions Market

New database from Signals and Systems Telecom reveals LTE Subscriptions will reach 6.4 Million in Q4’2011, accounting for 0.1 % of the global cellular network subscriptions market. - February 08, 2012 Global Military Simulators and Virtual Training Programs Market, North America Expected to Account for 62.3%

North America is expected to account for the largest share of the total global military simulators and virtual training programs market with a 62.3% share over the forecast period. - February 08, 2012 LTE Devices and Applications - Next-Generation Mobile Networks Driven by Video Services

Global Information (GII) presents a new market research report. - February 05, 2012 China Will Lead Smart Meters and Synchrophasors Market Growth Through 2020

Buoyed by the initiation of a five year low-carbon development plan by deployment of smart meters and implementation of smart grids, China will emerge as the leading nation for smart meter and synchrophasors deployment in the APAC region. - February 05, 2012 Nanotech-Enabled Drug Delivery Therapeutics Set to Grow to $136 Billion by 2021

Nanotech-enabled drug delivery therapeutics is set to grow from a current value of $2.3 billion to $136 billion by the year 2021. - February 05, 2012 LED Linear Tube Lamp Global Market Forecast (2011-2021)

Worldwide use of LED-based linear tube lamps is forecast for explosive growth, driven by the eventual desire to replace fluorescent tube lights... - January 28, 2012 Infusion Systems - Increasing Chronic Pain Patient Pool to Drive the Market

The global infusion systems market was valued at $6 billion in 2010, driven by an increase in the chronic pain patient population, positive reimbursement scenario and technological developments, the market is forecast to reach $8.3 billion by 2017. - January 28, 2012 Global Demand for Elevator Equipment and Services to Reach $90 Billion in 2015

Growth in US demand for elevator equipment and services will outpace most developed countries through 2015. - January 28, 2012 Developments in Competitive Small Business Credit Card Marketplace

High net worth households are more likely to be business owners. - January 28, 2012 Antifungals Market to Reach $10.8 Billion by 2017

The global Antifungals Market will grow at a moderate rate due to the impact of generic erosion in the dermatophytosis and candidiasis markets. - January 21, 2012 Global Musculoskeletal Disorders Therapeutics Market to Witnesses Moderate Growth as Generic Share Continues to Rise

Global Musculoskeletal Disorders market was approximately valued $33.4 billion, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% between 2002 and 2010. - January 21, 2012 Global Demand for Plastics Processing Machinery to Reach $28.9 Billion in 2015

Gains in developing nations will be the driving force behind advances in the global market for plastics processing equipment, says new report by Freedonia Group. - January 20, 2012 Forthcoming Patent Expiry of Key Blockbuster Drugs to Benefit Generics Manufacturers

Patent expiry of several major blockbuster drugs worth $150 billion between 2010 and 2017 will fuel the growth of the global generic pharmaceuticals market says new Frost & Sullivan report. - January 20, 2012 Germany Continues to Lead in Submarine and Battle Tanks Manufacturing

As a leading submarine and battle tanks manufacturer, Germany will seek to improve the marketing of its defense systems in these countries in order to increase its exports over the forecast period. - January 20, 2012 U.S. Prenatal Testing Market to Reach $1.59 Billion in 2017

New testing options bring prenatal testing market to the forefront in the U.S. - January 20, 2012 North America Expected to Account for 42.9% of Total Global Expenditure on Military Aircraft

The market for advanced trainer aircraft across the globe is growing, which is attributed to the significant number of countries involved in the process of upgrading to next-generation combat aircraft fleets. - January 20, 2012 Provides Easy Access to Business Enterprise Analysis Reports of Leading Global Companies

Search through over 40,000 business enterprise analysis reports of leading worldwide companies on - January 15, 2012 Water Industry Estimated at $509 Billion in 2011 and Expected to Grow 6% Annually

The cliche of water as blue gold is becoming increasingly relevant. Growing imbalances in global water supply and demand are well documented. - December 16, 2011 North America Represented 47.1% of All Connector Sales in the Military/Aerospace Sector in 2010

North America has consistently had the greatest sales of connectors used in the military sector and had the second-largest year-to-year growth. - December 16, 2011 E-waste is Growing 3 Times Faster Than Other Waste Streams

Growth in the e-waste R&R services industry is being spurred by the ever-increasing amounts of e-waste being created around the world, as purchases of electronic products are on the rise. - December 16, 2011 Worldwide Oil and Gas Industry 2012 Top 10 Predictions

The oil and gas industry has coped with a number of challenges over the past couple of years and nearly all of the economic indicators are pointing toward positive growth. - December 16, 2011 Factors Influencing Morbidity Trends in BRIC Countries

What are the overall key factors influencing morbidity trends in the BRIC countries? A new report on answers this question and more. - December 16, 2011 MEMS Business Finally Reaches $10B in 2011

The microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) business is changing definitively. 2011 has been a year of transition for the MEMS market. - December 16, 2011 Presents "The World Market for Nanocoatings"

Global revenues for nanocoatings in 2011 were optimistically estimated to be $1559 million. - December 15, 2011 Solar PV in Asia - Renewable Energy to be Fastest Growing Market in Malaysia

Investments in solar PV power projects for 2012 is estimated at US$72 million, a 194% growth over 2011 and close to 12 MW of solar PV power is to be added in 2012, a massive year-on-year increase of 242.9%. - December 14, 2011 Global Investment in Smart Transportation Systems Will Total $13.1 Billion Through 2017

New report focuses on four key smart transportation sectors: traffic management systems, smart charging for plug-in electric vehicles, public transportation systems, and vehicle-to-vehicle systems - December 11, 2011

New Report on Small Wind Power Market to Double in Size to $634 Million by 2015

Global Information, Inc. presents "Small Wind Power: Demand Drivers and Barriers, Technology Issues, Competitive Landscape, and Global Market Forecasts" by Pike Research. (For more information:... - October 05, 2011

New Report on Visible Light Communication (VLC) Addresses Wireless Spectrum Shortage

Visible Light communication (VLC) is slated to be a key means to address the wireless spectrum shortage expected in the communications industry. - September 26, 2011

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