Kaufmann-Rothstein International Enhances Managed Futures Service Division

Kaufmann-Rothstein International, a premier commodity futures trading service provider focused on alternative investment programs, announced today the creation of Special Managed Futures Service Division, particularly designed to help High net work and institutional investors accomplish diversification objectives by offering them products and services that are characteristically non-associated with traditional investment portfolios. - July 01, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International to Release New Online Trading Courses on Foreign Exchange

Kaufmann-Rothstein International, a leading global commodity futures firm that offers trading services on commodities, futures and options, alternative investments, hedge funds and foreign exchange products, will soon release a new virtual trading courses focused on foreign exchange products and services. - July 01, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s Global Research Division to Release 2011 Commodity Markets Outlook

The Global Research Team of Kaufmann-Rothstein International, one of the nation’s most effective commodity futures trading service firm is scheduled to release its annual Commodity Markets Outlook for the year 2011, with highlights on what is expected in the months ahead. - June 30, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International Give More Focus on Precious Metal Futures Projection

Kaufmann-Rothstein International unveils today that it will give more concentration on the possibility of developing business exploration and discovering precious metals, including silver, copper and gold in Canada and North America. Kaufmann-Rothstein International will temporarily freeze its forex business trading in these areas to give way for the business development of precious metals sector in the near future. - June 29, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International Aims to Prioritize Clients' Futures Education

Before getting your feet "wet" in the real world of commodity futures trading, Kaufmann-Rothstein International, a full-service futures and brokerage trading firm, always ensures that its clients are well-equipped with the necessary trading education needed to advance, acclimatize and experience real trading benefits offered in the industry. - June 28, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International Business Growth Sparks Off Demands for Trading Professionals

Due to the tremendous success and impressive business growth recorded for the past five years, Kaufmann-Rothstein International is strengthening its number of forex and futures analysts and sales experts to maintain the firm’s business position and uphold the clients’ constant trading interests. - June 25, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International Plans to Provide Local Trading Service in China via Shanghai Office

In a few months from now, Kaufmann-Rothstein International, a global leading commodity futures and brokerage firm that offers all types of trading services to its global investors and traders, will open its China Trading desk in Shanghai to provide local trading service to Chinese traders and investors. - June 24, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International Launches New Mobile Trading Functionality Exclusively Designed for iPad Users

After the successful launching of the Mobile Trading Platform’s functionalities designed for highly-developed mobile phones last year, another innovative mobile trading functionality will be introduced by Kaufmann-Rothstein International to its clients, especially for iPad users. The new iPad trading functionality is considered as the latest and most extensive mobile device-detailed trading application in the market today. - June 24, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International Launches Forex Online Trade Education and Training Course

Kaufmann-Rothstein International, a leading commodity futures and brokerage firm that specializes in providing trading services on commodity futures and options, managed futures, foreign exchange products asset management service and alternative investments service, announced today the launching of its new trade education service, the Online Forex Trade Education and Training Course. - June 21, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International Bolsters Concentration on Auto Trading Systems and Competencies

Kaufmann-Rothstein International is currently reinforcing its trading capabilities and competencies by giving more focus on its trading frameworks and auto trading systems for commodity futures and options and foreign exchange services through the appointment of Mr. Phillip Sanders as the head of this strategic system development plan. - June 18, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International Expands Global Offices of Commodities and Energy Brokerage Services

Kaufmann-Rothstein International, a leading commodity futures and brokerage trading firm has announced recently further expansion of its commodity and brokerage global expansion services with additional international offices in Australia, Canada, Japan and Germany. In consonance with the opening... - June 18, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International Appoints New Business Development Managing Director

Kaufmann-Rothstein International a premier provider of commodity futures and brokerage trading services to all types of traders and investors worldwide, has finally appointed Mr. Alexander Simmons as the new Managing Director of its Business Development Division. - June 16, 2011

Kaufmann-Rothstein International 2010 Revenue Report Exceeds Annual Turnout Objective

Kaufmann-Rothstein International, a global leading provider of commodity futures trading services to selected key cities worldwide, servicing a diverse type of individuals, institutional and self-directed traders, released today its annual revenue reports for the year 2010, with a total 120 percent growth of customer accounts for one year period ending December 30, 2010. - June 15, 2011

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