New and Free Accessible Trading Strategies Released for Active Traders

In an effort to alleviate the trading proficiency of all traders, Kaufmann-Rothstein International has added new, free of cost and easy to access trading strategies to its educational center. This latest addition to the existing information-packed education center of Kaufmann-Rothstein International aims to offer all types of traders the needed knowledge and expertise to ensure profitability of their trading and investment activities.

Haarlem, Netherlands, July 01, 2011 --( The well-researched trading strategies section of the firm’s education center focuses on providing useful trading strategies and market ideas both for the benefits of new and experienced traders. These trading strategies and ideas are provided by competent market analysts and successful individual traders. The first release of the trading strategy section contains topics on Inter-market Analysis, Most in-demand Trading Software, Market Volatility, Trading Commodity Futures and Strategies and Best Strategies for Managed Futures.

The new trading strategy section offers traders as well as website visitors with appropriate market information on a wide-range of investing topics. This section does not only serve as an information sharing newsletter for active traders, it also provides trading strategies and tips from the most successful and experienced traders which can be applied by other traders in their personal trading activities.

“Our most feasible and functional bits of trading information are our new means of analyzing markets conditions and creating different trading techniques,” said Dorothy Belton, Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s Director for Research and Development Division. “We suppose that these newly added trading strategies and ideas will provide market-relevant information to all types of traders.”

Since commodity futures trading is prone to risk, Kaufmann-Rothstein International has been developing and creating market information sharing techniques to boost traders market knowledge and to ensure profitability. By concentrating more on inter-market analysis in combination with chart analysis, Kaufmann-Rothstein International creates analytical indicators that can predict trend direction rather than the usual trend following, lagging indicators supplied my most of the diagnostic programs. Along with the trading strategies and ideas, Kaufmann-Rothstein International also provides free market commentaries, price quotes, industry-related news and educational resources for all traders.

Kaufmann-Rothstein International
Paul Reeves