Repsol at North Africa Oil & Gas Summit: Crucial for Energy Panorama That Europe Increase Its Involvement in North Africa

European countries may need to increase their involvement within the internal sustainable development of North African countries to maintain and improve relations, which are crucial in the European energy panorama. This is according to Ferdinando Rigardo, Repsol’s Regional Executive Director... - October 24, 2011

North Africa Oil & Gas Summit: Zalmay Khalilzad to Address the Next Steps for the Region

North African countries, such as Libya, that have undergone major transformation, need to review their legacy laws and regulations and, if necessary, make amendments or write new ones says Zalmay Khalilzad, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr Khalilzad is a heading up a... - October 22, 2011

North Africa Oil & Gas Summit: Region Ready for New Business and Investments

With oil flows in Libya resuming soon and as well as security levels and operations across the region, the annual North Africa Oil & Gas Summit will gather more than 350 leading stakeholders in the region’s industry in Madrid from 25-27 October. The director of the North Africa Oil &... - October 20, 2011

North Africa Oil & Gas Summit: ETAP’s Mohamed Akrout to Speak About Investment Opportunities in Tunisia

The President and CEO of the National Oil Company of Tunisia (ETAP), Mohamed Akrout, says Tunisia has maintained an image of a safe investment region in the post-Arab spring era by maintaining a good relationship with all investors in the oil & gas and the energy sector. - October 01, 2011

Risk Consultant Charles Gurdon to Addresss North Africa Oil & Gas Summit in October

The Libyan National Transitional Council will undoubtedly favour companies from those countries that have supported it and French and British companies could do particularly well during the country’s economic reconstruction says Charles Gurdon who is the Managing Director of the London-based... - August 28, 2011

New NOC Heads to Gather for North Africa Oil & Gas Summit in Madrid

For the first time since the crisis in North Africa, new leaders of regional national oil companies (NOCs) will meet in Madrid for the 6th annual North Africa Oil & Gas Summit, from 26-27 October to talk about investment in the oil and gas industry in the region. Some 350 oil and gas industry... - August 24, 2011

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