Oxford Dictionaries Online Reveals Most-Viewed Words in First Quarter of 2013

Oxford Dictionaries Online has revealed the most viewed words on the free online dictionary site in the first quarter of 2013. The free online dictionary site allows dictionary users to search for English word definitions and access dictionary entries for free. - May 31, 2013

Oxford Dictionaries Launches New Fully Responsive Website Design for Its Free Online Dictionary

Oxford Dictionaries Online has rolled out a new fully responsive website design to optimize http://oxforddictionaries.com for mobile devices, gaming devices, tablets, and desktop access. The mobile optimized site design will adapt the format of the free dictionary content, including dictionary definitions, to provide a seamless user experience on all devices. - March 30, 2013

Oxford Dictionaries Online Releases Three Free Dictionary Tools for Web Users

Oxford Dictionaries Online has released three free widgets designed to make definitions and dictionary content even more accessible. All internet users can install a free dictionary search toolbar for browsers. Additionally, website owners can now install "double-click dictionary search" and Word of the Day look-up tools on their websites. - March 01, 2013

Oxford Dictionaries Online Releases Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge 2.0

Oxford Dictionaries Online’s latest spelling game looks at common misspellings and tests your spelling skills with some of the most interesting words in the English language. - January 25, 2013

Free Bilingual Dictionaries Now Added to Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionaries have announced the addition of free bilingual dictionaries to their online dictionary site. Using the Oxford Dictionaries website, you can now translate English words into French, German, Italian, and Spanish using the free translation resource. - July 15, 2012

The Commonest Noun in English is "Time," According to Oxford Dictionaries

According to Oxford Dictionaries, the commonest noun in the English language is "time." The team made the English usage discovery after analysing billions of words in the Oxford English Corpus, which is at the heart of the world’s largest language research programme. - March 31, 2012

Oxford Dictionaries Online Adds Words Suggested by Twitter Followers to the Updated Version of Their Free Online Hangman Puzzle Game

Oxford Dictionaries Online asked their Twitter followers for interesting and difficult words with which to update their free online Hangman puzzle game, and have now added all suggestions to their website. - October 15, 2011

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