QC Software President Discusses Greater Return on Investment in the Warehouse

By improving efficiency, accuracy, inventory management, productivity and compliance, the warehouse control system delivers a greater return on technology investment. - July 10, 2013

QC Software Executive Discusses Strategies That Lower Supplier Risk

Strategies for successfully managing supplier risk include implementing a strategic plan, monitoring suppliers, dual sourcing, in-house manufacturing, stockpiling critical inventory, periodic risk re-assessment. - July 18, 2012

QC Software Adds Seasoned Sales Professional

QC Software announces the addition of Tom Lagaly to their Business Development team. Lagaly has extensive experience in designing and marketing large systems for the material handling industry. - July 04, 2012

QC Software Hires Business Development Professional

QC Software announces the addition Len Weibel to their Business Development Team. Weibel has extensive experience in Software as a System sales and development for Fortune 500 companies. - June 14, 2012

QC Software’s Guide to Managing a Successful Receiving Operation in the Warehouse

An efficient receiving operation reduces costs and improves order fulfillment. Managers can optimize receiving by automating inventory control, slotting, ensuring vendor compliance, robotics, cross docking, employing experienced people. - May 17, 2012

QC Software’s Tips for Implementing Ergonomics in the Warehouse

Applying ergonomics in the warehouse reduces injuries, improves productivity and lowers insurance costs. Focus on training, elimination of hazards, reducing travel time, configurable workstation, mechanical devices to lift and move containers, reusable plastic containers, slotting and labor management software, comfortable surroundings, etc. - April 07, 2012

QC Software Executive Discusses Slotting for Greater Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouses need a good slotting strategy to improve order fulfillment. Optimum inventory placement improves picking and packing, balances the work load, reduces inventory damage, enhances space utilization, and lowers the cost per order. - March 24, 2012

QC Software’s Guide for a Successful Reverse Logistics Operation

QC Software’s recommendations for improving reverse logistics: analyze current process, streamline the operation, reduce inventory levels, properly train employees, cross-docking, provide preprinted return labels with order, post forms and procedures on website, allow cross channel returns, outsourcing. - February 22, 2012

QC Software’s Plan for Building a Culture of Safety in the Warehouse

To maintain a safe work environment in the warehouse, management must be make safety a priority. Besides providing safety equipment and conducting inspections, they must promptly investigate issues and eliminate hazards. Employees should receive training and report problems right away. - February 04, 2012

QC Software’s Key Steps to Preventing Freight Theft

To reduce cargo theft, transportation companies should screen and train employees, track freight with GPS devices, use several kinds of industrial locks, develop relationships with law enforcement and partners. Truckers should stay alert, practice safe parking habits, inform authorities about suspicious activity. - January 22, 2012

QC Software’s Tips for a Strong Cycle Count Program

An effective cycle counting program optimizes inventory, improves productivity and order accuracy. Managers need a well-trained staff, appropriate procedures and leading edge inventory software to manage the process. - January 08, 2012

QC Software’s Essential Guide to Lower Shipping Costs in the Warehouse

QC Software’s key ways to reducing shipping costs include an effective layout, appropriate technology and materials, end to end product visibility, reducing handling and touches, cross docking, and managing your freight program using best practices. - December 07, 2011

Small Distributors Gain the Competitive Edge with QC Software’s Warehouse Control System

QC Software’s warehouse control system is a cost-effective solution for small distributors. These distributors can use the order fulfillment, inventory control and shipping capabilities without automated equipment to improve warehouse efficiency. - November 19, 2011

QC Software’s Guide to Building a Strong Support Team for Higher Warehouse Productivity

A well-qualified workforce is essential for warehouse profitability. QC Software executive suggests creating a culture of excellence, implementing standards, measuring performance, providing feedback, ongoing training, and providing incentives. - September 22, 2011

Guidelines for Increasing Warehouse Capacity from QC Software Executive

Better space utilization results in lower costs and higher productivity. QC Software executive suggests maintaining proper inventory levels, effective slotting, using vertical space, optimizing equipment and workload, reducing aisle widths, and improving the layout. - September 16, 2011

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