Heroes of the North Threads New Grounds in More Ways Than One for Its New Season

Heroes of the North, the award-winning transmedia webseries about Canadian superheroes, launches its second Season on Feburary 8th, 2014, with a first episode entitled Jackpot: Royal Flush. Starring Dominique Arganese as Jackpot, the story written by Michel Brouillette follows the tribulations of... - February 09, 2014

Heroes of the North Season 2 Begins Shooting

Movie Seals Digital Inc. is proud to announce that it has begun production on the second Season of its award-winning transmedia web series, Heroes of the North. The second Season will be comprised of a main story arc of 10 episodes running between 10-20 minutes in length and five shorter episodes... - December 13, 2013

Heroes of the North - Season 2 Campaign Makes the Homepage of IndieGogo.com

Launched less than two weeks ago, the Heroes of the North Season 2 fundraising campaign graced the homepage of IndieGogo yesterday, a major milestone for the crowdfunding initiative of the multi-award-winning transmedia webseries.
 - September 08, 2013

Movie Seals Digital Launches Indiegogo Campaign for the Second Season of “Heroes of the North”

Help Movie Seals Digital finance the second Season of the award-winning transmedia web series about Canadian superheroes. - September 01, 2013

Heroes of the North Launches Their First Novella in Print

Heroes of the North is proud to announce the release of a print version of their first novella, Manon of the Frozen North, written by Ian Cuthbertson. - January 14, 2012

Heroes of the North Presents Their Latest Comic Book: Fleur-de-Lys Blooming

Heroes of the North and Movie Seals Digital are thrilled to present their latest comic book, currently available on their website both as a read online and digital download, and early next year as a print publication from Ardden Entertainment. The story entitled Fleur-de-Lys: Blooming features 12 colour pages relating the complex and turbulent background of Quebec sole superhero. - December 03, 2011

Heroes of the North Releases Episode Fifteen: Wardrobe Malfunction

Heroes of the North, the award-winning transmedia web series about Canadian superheroes, released today their fifteenth episode titled Wardrobe Malfunction, written by Jim Burke and starring Anne-Marie Losique, Edith Labelle, Anderson Bradshaw, Babak Motamed and Pia Metni with a special appearance by Bianca Beauchamp. This episode completes the third of four parts of the first Season episodes. - November 13, 2011

Heroes of the North Launches a Massive Discount on Its Exclusive Limited Edition Collectible Figurines Bundle

Heroes of the North, the award-winning transmedia web series about Canadian superheroes, recently announced the launch of its Monthly Promotions for November, which offers up to a $135 discount, which includes free shipping. This special rate is available on orders from now through November 30, 2011. - November 09, 2011

Ardden Entertainment to Unleash Heroes of the North Across North America

Movie Seals Digital, producer of the award-winning transmedia superhero web series Heroes of the North, is thrilled to announce that the company has partnered with Ardden Entertainment to bring their exciting line of web comics to the printed page! The first book, an 80 pages one-shot, will hit... - November 02, 2011

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