Curriculum Consignment™ is Now Offering Point/Counter Point

Point Counterpoint is the presentation of equal value opposing positions on the same topic for purpose of classroom debate. Curriculum Consignment™ added this link to encourage classroom debates on a variety of issues including geographical issues, political issues, and social issues. - January 05, 2012

The New Curriculum Consignment™ Cyber Store Helps Educators Earn Extra Money

Curriculum Consignment™ is an internet company created by teachers as a venue to sell curricula and earn back out-of-pocket expenses. - January 03, 2012

Curriculum Consignment™ Respects the Hard Work Educators Put Into Writing Curricula

Curriculum Consignment™ is a venue designed for the sole purpose of making curriculums/units and lessons available for sale because Curriculum Consignment™ is a teacher run website. - January 03, 2012

Curriculum Consignment is Seeking Curriculums/Units and Lessons to Sell for Educators as a Way for Educators to Earn Extra Money

Using Curriculum Consignment ™ for source materials is a way of reaching out and collaborating with educators across geographical lines and cultural lines opening up and removing barriers so you can focus on the fundamentals, manage outcomes, and improve the academic performance in your classroom. - November 09, 2011

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