Molybdenum-Tantalum: the Corrosion-Resistant Material for CIGS Solar Cells

Thanks to its good adhesion to glass and a high electrical conductivity, molybdenum is the back contact material in CIGS solar cells. However, exposed to corrosive atmospheres molybdenum can be prone to oxidation. In order to avoid negative effects during the manufacturing process and the solar module operation, PLANSEE has developed a material with improved corrosion resistance. - April 04, 2012

Mo-Cu Wafer Substrate for LED Chips: New Composite Material to Prevent Cracks in Semiconductor Layers

With Mo-Cu R670, “PLANSEE High Performance Materials” has developed a new molybdenum-copper composite material for semiconductor wafer substrates. The high thermal conductivity of MoCu R670 ensures optimized heat dissipation in LED chips. The new material has the same coefficient of thermal expansion as sapphire, and therefore reduces defects in the semiconductor structure which can occur during the hot bonding process. In this way, Mo-Cu R670 helps ensure the reliable production of LED chips. - March 08, 2012

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