Valentine's Day Free Ringtones by Mateo Medina

Kutroc Records proudly presents free ringtones from the label's catalog of songs on love and relationships. - December 30, 2011

Valentine's Day Time Machine by Kutroc Records

If you could take a trip in Kitarah's time machine would you travel back to re-write the past or would you let go and move on? "We think of ringtones as an important opportunity to give the audience a sneak peak into our artist's raw emotions in sharing their experiences on relationships," said Medina. - December 29, 2011

Valentine's Day Ringtones by Kutroc Records

The special ringtones will consists of sentimental messages from each song. "Everyone around the world will have a chance to get to know the artists better and to download the free ringtones from Kutroc Record's website," Medina said. - December 21, 2011

The Music Business is Not What It Used to be

"The music business is not what it used to be as informed consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to purchasing music. Although the consumer has power in purchasing music, the radio top 40 list continues to be dominated by the same programming. We believe there are plenty of fans out there that given a chance will choose quality songs over quantity-based songs," said Medina. - December 14, 2011

New Record Label Formed in Massachusetts

"KUTROC Records is a different kind of label. It is a label dedicated and focused on developing a few key cross-over artists at a time. A label where artists have a little bit more control over their material and are encouraged to write or co-write each song," Medina said. - December 01, 2011

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