iBUS Project Determines Customers' Choices for Toy Customisation

Market research conducted within the iBUS project highlights the types of toys consumers would prefer to customise. This study also establishes the customers’ technical and creative capacity for toy customisation and the extra-price they would assume for a unique product designed by them. - February 02, 2017

European Consortium Seeks to Create New Platform for Design and Supply of Customised Safe Toys

The EU funded Horizon 2020 iBUS project consortium is developing a new internet-based business model, providing a platform for both, the design and the implementation of a sustainable local supply chain, of demand driven customised toys, meeting all product safety legislation within the EU. - April 23, 2016

The Design of the Pilot Plant for the Valorisation of Zamak Waste Starts

The beginning of GREENZO’s compacted pilot plant will allow for first-quality zinc oxide from by-products of the Zamak transformation industry. - May 16, 2015

GREENZO Project Obtains Zinc Oxide from Zamak Injection Waste

The valorisation of waste coming from the zamak injection process by means of a compact plasma pilot plant will allow to obtain first quality zinc oxide, which is going to be applied in diverse industrial applications. - December 09, 2014

New Pilot Plant for the Obtention of Zinc Oxide from Zamak Waste

The implementation of this pilot plant at industrial scale will allow to valorise waste coming from the zamak transformation industry and currently managed by depositing it in safety landfills, thus reducing the costs charged to manufacturing companies for its management. - July 16, 2014

iREVSOL, a New Concept of Solar Thermal Collector

This collector will make the best of solar energy for the production of domestic hot water (ACS, acronym in Spanish). - May 22, 2013

SASAM Asks Boeing for Requirements in Aeronautics for Standardization on Additive Manufacturing

It was carried out within the third general SASAM’s meeting as a previous step to set the Standards for Rapid prototyping and Additive Manufacturing within European Industry. - April 22, 2013

Innovative Prototypes for the Toy Sector

Partnership to make toys more attractive, dynamic and with greater interaction through printed electronics. - March 11, 2013

Toys Personalized Decoration Technologies

“Water Printing” and “Digital Printing” have shown to be applicable for achieving the objective. - March 16, 2012

Plasticos Hidrosolubles & AIJU Develop Hunting Cartridge Wads Based on PVA Biodegradable Materials

These cartridges, completely biodegradable, will reduce the impact of hunting sports, contributing to the sustainable cycle of the products. - January 11, 2012

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