One-of-a-Kind Stationery Company, KindNotes, Launches a Unique Gift Idea for Holidays, Celebrations and More

KindNotes®, creator of the original customizable jars of messages enclosed in mini decorative envelopes, launches a unique gift idea and service: personalized mini decorative paper fortune cookies in a jar—but, don’t be puzzled that you won’t find a single fortune... - August 01, 2010

Moms Celebrate Mother’s Day with Messages in Mini Envelopes to be Opened Daily

KindNotes™ , manufacturer of containers of messages in mini envelopes to be opened daily, launches their new Mother’s Day collection which includes over 30 designs. Mothers would open a note a day telling her how much she is appreciated, expressing what her children love about her, and... - April 21, 2009

KindNotes Solves Problem for Men Who Have Trouble Finding the Right Gift for Valentine's Day

KindNotes™ releases more than 20 new Valentine’s Day Limited Edition designs to make it easier for men to shop on this occasion. KindNotes™ manufactures containers of messages in mini envelopes to be opened daily, giving shoppers the opportunity to customize their gifts from... - January 27, 2009

KindNotes Launches Gift Site with New Fully Interactive Wizard for Shoppers to Customize Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

KindNotes™, manufacturer of jars of messages enclosed in miniature decorative envelopes to open daily, today launches its redesigned website with new features and interactive customization wizard for worldwide shoppers. KindNotes™ is the first-and-only company of its kind. In addition... - November 13, 2008

Couples Celebrate Valentine's Day for a Month Long Through a Gift of Personalized Love Notes to Open Daily

Couples celebrate Valentine’s Day for a month long through a gift of personalized love notes from their sweetheart that they can open each day. KindNotes™ , manufacturer of gift jars filled with inspirational messages in decorative miniature envelopes, releases their special edition... - January 14, 2008

KindNotes Launches New Holiday Special Edition Collection for Shoppers Searching for a Unique and Meaningful Gift

KindNotes™ launches early November their special edition, holiday collection of gift jars filled with personalized messages tucked away in decorative miniature envelopes to open each day of the month. - November 05, 2007

Sharing Kind Notes and Words of Support Each Day of the Month Comfort Those Who Have Experienced a Loss in Their Lives

KindNotes™, manufacturer of gift jars filled with personalized messages tucked away in decorative miniature envelopes, recently introduced a new collection of messages and quotes to help loved ones get through a difficult time in their lives. Words of love, hope and encouragement are to be... - June 24, 2007

This Year, Mothers are Appreciated Every Day - Not Just on Mother's Day

Sons and daughters are able to express their thoughts and appreciation not only on Mother's Day, but each day thereafter. KindNotes™, manufacturer of personalized message containers for any occasion of the year, recently introduced a new collection of more than 50 messages and quotes... - April 17, 2007

KindNotes Launches New Gift Idea Found Only on KindNotes.Com

New gift idea for those who wish to express their thoughts, through personalized messages of love, laughter, or inspiration presented in customized glass jar. - March 14, 2007

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