IDGA's Interoperable EHR Roundtable Day

Facilitating the Conversation on Successful EHR Adoption - January 11, 2014

GIS for Government: Addressing the Challenges of Funding and Interoperability

IDGA’s GIS for Government will bring together 20 esteemed speakers and over 20 sessions to address the latest government challenges, strategies and initiatives in GIS, as well as the state of science in Big Data employments and technologies. Hear from GIS leaders on these developments to learn what’s actually happening on the ground. - April 12, 2013

Biometrics for National Security

The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement (IDGA) announces the Biometrics & Identity Management Exhibition & Conference - information at bioidentityexpo[dot]com. A recent update to a landmark biometrics report suggests “new goals that might previously seemed beyond... - March 31, 2012

Full Motion Video for Defense Summit

Members from the DoD and private sector will convene this April to discuss the growing demand for full motion video in intelligence operations and gain an understanding on how to overcome current challenges. - March 22, 2012

IDGA's Cloud Computing for DoD & Government

With an ever-increasing number of companies now buying computing, storage, and networking power on-demand from the Cloud, there has never been a greater need for a one-stop event that brings together players from the main layers of the Cloud ecosystem - the infrastructure players, the platform providers, and those offering applications. You can get a copy of the agenda by visiting the website at - February 16, 2012

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