Jason Oman Unveils New 6-Figure Course

"The 6 Figure Code unveiled" on Logical Soul Talk, on consecutive Tuesdays – September 25th and October 2nd, 2012 – both starting at 6 pm ET. You can listen to these shows online, or call the show hotline provided on the contact information to join the conversation. - September 23, 2012

Joe Vitale - The Secret Marketing Genius Shares His Secrets to Breaking Free of Mental Chatter

Joe will share his secrets to breaking free of mental chatter and getting your message across with Dr. Michael Craig on Logical Soul Talk, March 20, 2012 during a one-hour special staring at 6 pm ET. - March 17, 2012

How to Launch an Awesome Fan Page

Don’s coaching clients are taught to use a certain template in order to get more Opt-ins and “Likes,” and how to ensure that visitors stay longer and contribute to your page. “The success in your Fan Page” says Don “is the measure of how much you can contribute to your online community. Make it easy for them to stay and take part!” - March 03, 2012

Logical Soul Talks About Business Coaching for Musicians

Nancy Gerber has been in the business coaching and mastermind business for years. She has also noticed something about her love of music and performance - that many of her musician friends in Atlanta were having a tough time making a living. - February 25, 2012

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