Assured Assisted Living Parker Homes Announce New Meal Plans to Fortify Nutrition of Residents with Dementia Disorders

Sheryl Thompson, owner, administrator, and Registered Nurse, announced that the Assured assisted living Parker homes and other homes of the establishment would have fresh meal plans from January 1, 2013 as a welcome gesture to the New Year. She mentioned that the new meal plans have been designed... - December 31, 2012

Assisted Living Castle Rock Enhances Its Website with Large Number of Resources for Alzheimer Disease

Sheryl Thompson, RN Owner, Administrator, and memory care specialist announced that Assured Assisted Living Castle Rock has enlarged its information services to patients suffering from various types of dementia related diseases. - November 26, 2012

Assured Assisted Living Facility Provides Caregiver Tips and Resources for People with Memory Disorders

Assured Assisted Living Homes provide Caregiver Tips and Resources for People with Memory Disorders... Breaking news from by Sheryl Thomson/ in Assured Assisted Living, Elderly Care. - September 14, 2012

Assured Assisted Living Redesigns Its Website in Efforts to Help People Requiring Alzheimer’s Care

Assured Assisted Living Homes redesign their website to stress their top priority to Alzheimer’s care and in enlisting the support and participation of the family members of residents suffering from dementia related disorders. - March 25, 2012

Alzheimers Care Parker Facilities Revamp Their Memory Care Home Operations to Boost Service Quality

Alzheimer Care Parker facilities of Assured Assisted Living revamp their operations for residents with dementia related disorders to make both Parker facilities symbols of excellence. - March 05, 2012

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