International Entrepreneurs to Meet with Tech Industry Leaders at Silicon Valley Connect 2011, September 29-30

Sizhao "Zao" Yang, Founder of MyMiniLife (Sold to Zynga) and Creator of Farmville to Keynote - September 22, 2011

ANZA TechNet Brings Guidewire Group’s G/Score for Innovative Startups to Australia for First Time

Leading Technology Analyst Chris Shipley to Rate Companies’ Commercial Viability, Execution, Team and Business Model as Part of Gateway to US Workshops in Australia this Month. - August 06, 2010

ANZA Technology Network’s Gateway Program Takes New South Wales Cleantech Companies to China

Five Australian entrepreneurs with cleantech and greentech innovations ready to explore commercialization opportunities in Shanghai at Expo 2010. - June 03, 2010

ANZA Technology Network Announces 2009 Gateway to the US Companies for Annual Silicon Valley Summit, October 6-7

Australian tech companies set to showcase innovation at every level as part of ANZA Technology Network's Gateway to US program. - October 02, 2009

Neuro Vision Technology Named Hottest Company at ANZA Gateway to US Summit

Brain-Training System for Traumatic Brain Injury Vision Improvement Wins ANZA Technology Network Guy Manson Award. - October 29, 2008

ANZA Gateway to the US Summit Announces Presenting Companies

Ryan Junee, Brian Solis Key Speakers at Annual Silicon Valley Australian/New Zealand Tech Showcase. - October 17, 2008

ANZA Technology Network Brings Innovative Tech Workshops Down Under

Guidewire Group’s Chris Shipley and Southern Cross Venture Partners Lead Dynamic One-Day Sessions for US Market Exploration. - August 07, 2008

ANZA Technology Network and Southern Cross Venture Partners Announce Platinum Partnership

Agreement to Benefit Down Under Innovative Tech Companies Looking to Enter Lucrative US Market. - March 22, 2008

Melbourne Company in ANZA Technology Network’s VicStart Program Secures US Licensing Agreement

Sienna Cancer Diagnostics Inks Agreement with Geron Corp. for Patent Access. - February 02, 2008

Victorian Companies in ANZA Technology Network’s Fast Track Program Raise Funds, Secure Strategic US Partnership

VicStart-supported participants continue to reap US mentoring program benefits. - December 22, 2007

ANZA Technology Network Taps Buzka and Silenceair for Guy Manson Hottest Technology Award

Web 2.0 and Clean Tech Companies from Australia Stand Out at Annual Gateway to the US Summit - October 27, 2007

ANZA Technology Network to Introduce Australian and New Zealand Innovative Tech Companies to Silicon Valley at Gateway to the US Summit

Down Under Breakout Companies to Showcase New Products October 23 in Silicon Valley; US Tech Execs, Entrepreneurs and Investors Invited to Attend - October 02, 2007

ANZA Technology Network Announces FocUS Marketing Workshops for Innovative Australian and New Zealand Companies

US Technology Analyst Chris Shipley and Business Coach Dan Sapp to Prep Companies in Major Australian and New Zealand Cities for US Pitch and Business Development Opportunities - August 03, 2007

ANZA Technology Network’s Fast Track to the US Program Proves to be "Fast Track" to Cash

Two Melbourne tech companies close funding rounds in record time. - May 30, 2007

ANZA Technology Network Fast Track to the US Program Completes Second Intake Round

Forty Victorian-based technology and biotechnology companies presented for slots in ANZA Technology Network’s Fast Track to the US program in Melbourne last month, and now ANZA CEO Viki Forrest and her team of US market experts have the difficult task of awarding just 15 of the companies with... - March 31, 2007

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