Chelsea Technologies Group Holding Workshop on Innovative Fluorescence Technique at Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring Conference (7-8 Nov 12), Telford, UK

Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) will be holding a workshop at WWEM (7-8 November, Telford, UK) entitled "Innovative fluorescence technique used to monitor effluent & related environmental parameters.” Delegates will have an opportunity to learn more about CTG’s new UviLux BOD... - September 28, 2012

Chelsea’s Expert on Active Fluorescence Techniques Presents at Challenger Conference for Marine Science - University of East Anglia (3-5 Sept 12)

Chelsea Technologies Group will once again be exhibiting and presenting at the Challenger Society for Marine Science Conference & Mini-Expo at the University of East Anglia, 3-5th September. Veronica Chan, one of Chelsea’s experts on active fluorescence techniques, will be presenting a paper entitled "How recent technological advances have enhanced and extended the applications for Fast Repetition Rate fluorometry." - August 18, 2012

Latest FastOcean Sensor Used at Photosynthesis Algorithm Evaluation Workshop

Scientists at a recent workshop used the full range of Chelsea active fluorometers from the early FastTracka MkI and MkII instruments through to the very latest FastOcean sensor and FastAct Laboratory Unit. - July 04, 2012

Chelsea's Expert Reports on Recent Findings at the Fluorometry for Ballast Water Compliance Monitoring Conference, SESYNC Center, Annapolis, USA

Chelsea's Richard Burt and Veronica Chan will be attending the Alliance for Coastal Technologies / Maritime Environmental Research Center workshop on Fluorometry for Ballast Water Compliance Monitoring Workshop, 14 & 15 June 2012 at the SESYNC Center, Annapolis, USA. The introduction of... - June 14, 2012

Chelsea Completes Demonstration of the New FastOcean System in Baltimore

Last week in Baltimore harbour, Dr Kevin Oxborough demonstrated Chelsea’s 3rd generation Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer - the new FastOcean System - to groups from University of Maryland Chesapeake Bay Laboratory, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory and University of Michigan Cooperative... - June 14, 2012

Chelsea's New Hydrocarbon Sensor Delivers Higher Sensitivities

The Chelsea UV AquaTracka in-situ fluorometer has long been the industry standard for hydrocarbon detection, a reputation proven during the Macondo Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Chelsea continues to supply significant numbers of these fluorometers to oil spill areas around the... - June 14, 2012

Sails in the Service of the Marine Monitoring

Hundreds of pleasure boats equipped with sophisticated miniature environmental sensors forming a monitoring network transmitting real-time data on the state of the oceans and coasts to scientists might sound like a sci-fi scenario, but it is actually the brain child of an international initiative... - June 14, 2012

Chelsea Sensors to be Fitted to French Ferry to Progress Wavesentry Sea-State Forecasting

Chelsea Technologies sensors to be fitted to French ferry to progress WaveSentry sea-state forecasting project Novel sensors, provided by the Chelsea Technologies Group are to be fitted to a cross-channel ferry to collect vessel motion data as part of the WaveSentry project which is being managed... - June 14, 2012

Chelsea Supplies Hamworthy with Water Monitors for Their Ship Exhaust Gas Cleaning System

Chelsea Technologies Group has supplied Hamworthy Krystallon with robust sensor systems to monitor their exhaust gas cleaning system as part of the Messina shipbuilding programme. The water monitoring systems have been delivered and will be installed in the new-build ships in a Korean Shipyard... - June 14, 2012

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