Food for Health International Launches Powder Division to Meet Increasing Demand for Whole-Food Nutrition

Food for Health International launches a new arm of its company to meet the growing demand for healthier, whole-food products. FFH Powders provides over 50 whole-food powders with unprecedented nutritional quality. - May 10, 2013

PowderPure Brings Innovative Whole-Food Nutrition to Engredea 2013

As fast, overly processed food becomes the norm, Food for Health International (FFH) and Columbia PhytoTechnology (CPT) fight back with PowderPure, a brand of pure powders that provide sustainable nutrition, real color and genuine flavor with little to no additives. PowderPure will make appearances... - March 06, 2013

Food for Health International and Columbia PhytoTechnology Co-Owners of PowderPure

In April 2012, Food for Health International (FFH) and Columbia PhytoTechnology (CPT) formed a partnership to launch their flagship brand, PowderPure. A rising star in the powder industry, PowderPure offers premium ingredients with unprecedented versatility and nutritional quality. FFH, based in... - October 05, 2012

Utah Company Encourages Employees to Walk "Miles For Meals"

For every mile walked, Food for Health International donates a meal to local food banks. - October 04, 2012

Business Expands, Opening New Corporate Offices in Utah

Food for Health International (FFH) is opening the doors to a new corporate office building in Orem, Utah. While many companies have struggled during the recession, FFH has expanded from 40 employees to nearly 200 since 2010. “It couldn’t come any sooner,” CEO Frank Davis said. - October 04, 2012

Food for Health International and PowderPure Announce Collaboration to Provide True, Living Nutrition

Food for Health International (FFH) has recently joined forces with PowderPure in an effort to optimize and expand the PowderPure brand. The compatible philosophies, missions and specialties of both FFH and PowderPure make the collaboration a perfect fit. - August 08, 2012

Provo Business Leader Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year

Frank Davis, CEO of Food for Health International, a Provo-based company, is being recognized by Ernst and Young as a finalist for its Regional Entrepreneur of the Year award. Each year, Ernst and Young searches the country in an effort to recognize the best business leaders who are fueling the... - July 02, 2012

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