Dial Into Conference Calls Thru a Browser

Lindenbaum, a manufacturer of conference bridges and conferencing software for carriers and conference service providers, has greatly simplified dialing into conference calls via VoIP. Opening a browser window is enough to access the conference via VoIP. Conference Service providers can thus meet... - November 05, 2013

Start Right Away: Instant Conference Calls with Web Conferencing

Lindenbaum has upgraded its reservationless audio cloud service on go.lindenbaum.eu with web conferencing and desktop video. The conferencing solution is easy to use and allows straightforward audio conferencing as well as combined audio, web and desktop video. Anew web conference session is... - May 18, 2013

Lindenbaum Has Expanded Its Conferencing System with Desktop Video and Web Conferencing

Lindenbaum has expanded its on premise and cloud conferencing portfolio with desktop video conferencing and online collaboration. The new comprehensive service, the Lindenbaum Web Conference, is seamlessly integrated into the Lindenbaum conferencing platform and enables collaboration with... - May 01, 2013

New Lindenbaum Integrated Web and Desktop Video Conferencing Solution

Lindenbaum has expanded its portfolio of audio and web conferencing with online collaboration and desktop video conferencing. The new teamwork solution is as effortless as you would expect from Lindenbaum and can be used either stand-alone or together with audio conference. The new, comprehensive... - April 27, 2013

Lindenbaum's Sophisticated Media Resource Function (MRF) Based on MicroTCA

The Lindenbaum Media Resource Function (MRF) is a flexible and energy-efficient carrier-grade MRF-platform based on MicroTCA technology. It is designed for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture and for Next-generation Networks (NGN), with a built-in PSTN gateway to ensure the smooth integration of legacy networks. The MRF is an ideal choice for voice and conferencing applications. Lindenbaum has enriched its product portfolio with this secure, scalable and sustainable “green” MRF solution. - July 19, 2012

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