The FCF Group Now Forecast Gold to Return to Record Prices

The FCF Group have reported that with the current fundamentals at play in the market Gold will soon return to record prices, beating the $1,920 record set in September last year. Charles Haye, senior analyst with The FCF Group stated, “Investors are now returning to the gold market after... - October 03, 2012

The FCF Group: This is Now the Best Time to Invest in Commodities

The FCF Group recently announced that commodities are already reacting upward to inflationary signs worldwide. Various commodities have already made multi-year highs over the past few months. Charles Haye, Senior Analyst at the FCF Group, stated “Obviously, gold is on every investors radar at the moment but also recently the price of wheat futures hit a 30 year high as global inventories went from an excessive supply to a shortfall in the period of just a couple of weeks.” - September 01, 2012

The FCF Group Sees “Significant Increase” in Commodity Investing by Individual Investors

The FCF Group has recently reported that they have seen a significant increase in commodity investing by individual investors. They report that July saw a record trading volume, up 21% over last year's trading volume for the same month. The FCF Group also reported a record setting trading volume for retail clients for the same period. - August 25, 2012

The FCF Group Predict Heating Oil to Reach a 4 Year High on Weather Outlook and Refinery Shutdowns by January 2013

The FCF Group predict heating oil to reach a 4 Year high on weather outlook and refinery shutdowns by January 2013. - August 17, 2012

The FCF Group Advise Investors to Use Commodities as Inflation Hedge

The FCF Group are keen to advise both cautious and astute investors that commodities are part of a “real asset” class that can help protect against the impairment of portfolio assets from rising inflation. - August 11, 2012

The FCF Group: - Outlook for Gold Very Positive for Rest of 2012

Fitch Commodity Futures Group (The FCF Group) Chief Executive George Parsons said that continuing global financial worries could push gold prices above $2,000 an ounce this year. - August 10, 2012

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