Liberal Democrat and Republican Conservative Join Forces for a Return to Civility, Cooperation, and a Restoration of Meaning

Andrew Cort, who describes himself as a Liberal Democrat, has written a new book on American politics and culture, “The American Psyche in Search of its Soul: Freedom, Equality, and the Restoration of Meaning.” In his Foreword, famed Conservative author and social commentator George Gilder says: "This learned and inspirational book rescues philosophy from the mathematicians, sex from the hedonists, religion from empty sanctimony, and science from barren materialism.” - September 11, 2012

Author Launches 10-Week Blog Tour for New Book on Common Spiritual Wisdom, Religious Meaning, and Religious Tolerance in the West

During the next 3 months, dozens of Blogs and Websites will be publishing Reviews, Guest Posts, and Interviews with Andrew Cort, author of “The Door is Open: The 7 Steps of Spiritual Awakening that Western Scripture and Mythology Have Been Trying to Tell Us All Along.” - September 11, 2012

A Meaningful Life and a Solution to the “God Wars” Offered in Award-Winning New Book

"Return to Meaning: The American Psyche in Search of its Soul," by Dr. Andrew Cort, D.C., J.D., Redefines Religious Meaning and Its Importance for a Scientific Age. - April 27, 2009

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