Are You Prepared for Tax-Free Investing? Roth IRA Changes Coming in 2010 Make it Possible

Are you one of the thousands of investors who thought you would never qualify for a Roth IRA? Have you been shut out of one of the most powerful wealth building tools because your income was too high? Well that is about to change. - April 08, 2009

Equity Trust Company Introduces New, Advanced Web Site

Equity Trust Company, the leader in self-directed IRAs and 401(k) retirement plans, has launched an enhanced and redesigned Web site ( - May 22, 2008

Equity Trust Hosts Free Tax-Day Teleseminar Series

Equity Trust Company will be hosting a "Free Tax-Day Teleseminar Series" to educate investors on how they can gain the potential tax-free profits and great tax advantages (up to a $51,000 deduction) self-directed IRAs offer, and how self-directed IRAs give them control to invest in assets they know and understand. - March 02, 2008

Finally a New Educational Resource for Self-Directed IRAs

Equity Trust Company now has a blog where people can come together and share insight, tell a story, or make suggestions. Come visit their new blog site and educate yourself. - May 13, 2007

Equity Trust Company Hosts Tax-Free Wealth Seminars Across the United States; Seminars Educate Investors on Self-Directed IRA Growth Possibilities

Equity Trust Company is making special appearances across the United States to host Tax-Free Wealth Seminars. A self-directed retirement expert will present the benefits self-directed IRAs can provide investors today and in the future. Equity Trust Company will travel to the following cities: Baltimore/Washington D.C., Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston. - May 05, 2007

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