Fresh Healthy Vending Expands Wisconsin Franchise Base

Franchise Owners Lead the Charge in Winning Wisconsin Schools and Businesses Over to Vending Machines Dispensing Healthier Snacks. - December 22, 2012

Fresh Healthy Vending Catches on in the Dairy State

Rural Wisconsin Schools and Businesses Opt for Vending Machines Dispensing Healthier Snacks and Beverages. - December 21, 2012

Baltimore Organizations and Schools Embrace Fresh Healthy Vending

Local Business Owner Transforms Community with Healthy Snack Options - December 13, 2012

Fresh Healthy Vending Launches in Northwest Arkansas

Local business owner inspired to make community healthier with healthy vending machines. - December 05, 2012

Fresh Healthy Vending Leads "Automated Barista" Coffee Trend

Leading healthy vending machine company revolutionizes coffee industry with latest innovation. - November 30, 2012

Fresh Healthy Vending Seeks San Diego's Worst Workplace Coffee

Leading healthy vending machine company launches online contest to place a free coffee vending machine in a San Diego organization. - November 28, 2012

Fusion Dancers Now Powered by Fresh Healthy Vending

Franchisee Wade Bergner aims to provide healthier, fresher options to dance studio students and teachers. - October 24, 2012

The World's Largest YMCA Welcomes Fresh Healthy Vending

Inspired to make her community healthier, Emily Journey brings healthy choices to the Countryside YMCA in Lebanon, Ohio. - October 21, 2012

Fresh Healthy Vending Launches in Birmingham, Alabama

Local business owner Jim Reed is inspired to make his community healthier with Fresh Healthy Vending machines. - October 17, 2012

Former NFL Star Launches Fresh Healthy Vending in Dallas

Inspired to make his community healthier, Brandon Jones teams up with Fresh Healthy Vending. - October 10, 2012

Fresh Healthy Vending Brings Healthy Snacks to Historic Betsy Ross House

Local Philadelphia Franchisee Dan McClave Aims to Provide Healthier, Fresher Options to Historic Site. - October 07, 2012

Great Expectations for Hampshire College with Cafe Vending Machine

Massachusetts-based franchisee David Greeman aims to provide healthier, fresher options to students and faculty. - October 05, 2012

Fresh Healthy Vending and Healthy Child Healthy World Announce Winners of Free Healthy Vending Machines

Two Winners Selected to Receive Free Vending Machines Through Online Contest - October 01, 2012

Fresh Healthy Vending Now Offering Gourmet Coffee and Healthy Vending Machines

A California company that specializes in healthy snacks vending machines is the hottest franchise now bringing on the java. - September 30, 2012

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