Robotic Systems Increase Flexibility and Productivity in Multi-SKU Packaging Lines

The need for increased system flexibility makes the TaskMate Robotic System ideal for multi-SKU packaging lines. An integrated FANUC Robot and ESS-designed EOAT handle a variety packaging operations. - April 01, 2009

Robotic Case Packer Incorporates Advanced Automation Technologies

ESS’s next-generation Model V 30 Robotic Case Packer integrates a FANUC robot with ESS-designed end-of-arm tooling, and Allen-Bradley controls from Rockwell Automation to create a system that forms, loads, and seals cases while occupying a very small footprint. ESS Technologies, Inc. will... - September 13, 2008

New Case Packer Offers Small Foot Print and Fast Changeover

ESS Technologies, Inc., offers Bergami’s Model K 15 Automatic Horizontal Case Packer. This next-generation case packer uses high accuracy mechanics and offers a very small footprint. The cGMP balcony design and the rear drive allow complete access for product changeover, inspection, and maintenance. The case packer loads cartons, bundles, pouches, squeezable tubes, etc. into cases at up to 18 cpm. The machine is controlled via an Allen Bradley PLC with PanelView HMI for ease of operation. - August 05, 2008

ESS Technologies, Inc. Expands Sales Focus to Include Mexico and Costa Rica

ESS Technologies, Inc. expands their sales focus to include Mexico and Costa Rica in addition to the USA and Puerto Rico. ESS participated in a trade mission to Mexico in Mid-May of this year and met with a number of manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetics, and consumer products industries who have increased their manufacturing presence in these countries. ESS is also exploring relationships with sales agents, etc. to represent the ESS’s of packaging equipment. - June 01, 2008

End-to-End Solution for High Speed Diagnostic Test Kit Assembly and Packaging

ESS Technologies, Inc., custom designed and built a complete end-to-end solution for the high speed assembly and packaging of diagnostic test kits. The system integrates material handling, product feeding and packaging equipment, and incorporates automated pick and place modules, multi-axis FANUC robots, vision, and inspection. The system assembles diagnostic test kits, visually inspects them, and loads completed test kits into trays at a rate of 45 test kits per minute. - May 01, 2008

ESS Technologies, Inc. Offers Monoblock Filler/Capper with Intrinsically Safe Controls

The MB-XP Monoblock Filler/Capper with intrinsically safe controls bottles fragrances, nail enamel or other products that may contain concentrations of alcohol, acetone, etc., at speeds up to 120 bottles per minute. A unique and reliable pre-torque feature applies the cap, and final torque is accomplished using a stainless steel, magnetic clutch torque head. Product options include inserters for stoppers, pumps, brushes, positive shut off nozzles and a soft reject system. - February 23, 2008

Integrated Robotics and Custom End-of-Arm-Tooling Provide Solutions for Automated Machine Loading

ESS Technologies, Inc. integrates a FANUC LR Mate mini robot with ESS custom-designed end-of-arm-tooling to create the TaskMateTM Robotic Loading System. The TaskMate is ideal for automating machine loading at the infeed. The custom end-of-arm-tooling allows the system to robotically load machine infeeds on thermoform blister packagers, cartoners, wrappers, and other types of packaging equipment. Custom end-of-arm-tooling handles ampoules, syringes, bottles, tubes, etc. - January 11, 2008

Robotic Palletizer Cell Offers Small Footprint and Flexible Configurations

The ESS Technologies, Inc., M-16iC Robotic Mini Palletizer Cell incorporates a FANUC M-16iC robot to create single, dual, and multiple pallet cell configurations. The M-16iC robot can be specified for payloads of 22lbs or 44lbs. and has a reach of 68” or 59” depending on the payload capacity. As an authorized Fanuc system integrator, ESS Technologies has the experience needed to create a cost-effective, high performance mini-palletizer cell that can palletize 25-30 cases per minute. - November 07, 2007

Vertical Robotic Case Packer Uses High Speed Servo-Driven Case Transfer System

The ESS Technologies V 30 Vertical Robotic Case Packer incorporates the latest servo drive technology to create a high speed vertical case packing system capable of handling jars, bottles (plastic or glass), tubes, bags, and/or cartons. Designed around a Fanuc M-16iC Robot, the V 30 Case Packer includes all the necessary software to address most case packing applications. ESS engineers design custom end-of-arm-tooling to meet any requirement. Tooling changeover times are under 60 seconds. - November 01, 2007

ESS Technologies, Inc. Line of Automatic Package Wrappers Handle Difficult and Thin Films

ESS Technologies, Inc. offers Bergami’s line of Automatic Package Wrappers as part of a complete packaging line. The wrappers are available in a number of models that offer choices in wrapping speed, machine footprint, and package size to meet any cosmetic, food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, and consumer product applications. The machines meet cGMP requirements and offer a balcony design for easy access, cleaning, and maintenance. All models have a fast changeover. - October 21, 2007

Servo Controls Drive ESS Technologies, Inc. Precision Powder Filler/Capper

ESS Technologies, Inc. Powder Filler/Capper offers speeds of 120 bottles per minute and incorporates a Spee-Dee® servo-driven auger filler and controls to simplify powder filling in pharmaceutical, medical device, and cosmetics applications. - September 09, 2007

ESS Technologies, Inc. Line of Automatic Horizontal Cartoners Offer Flexibility and Small Footprint

ESS Technologies, Inc. distributes Bergami’s full line of Automatic Horizontal Cartoners as part of a complete packaging line. All models offer a small footprint, quick changeover, and a variety of options for leaflet insertion and carton closure. - June 22, 2007

ESS Technologies, Inc. Expands Product Line with Automatic Tube Filler/Closer

ESS Technologies, Inc., distributor of Bergami equipment, adds Model TF 80 Automatic Tube Filler/Closer to its line of packaging equipment. Ideal for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and consumer products, the TF 80 fills 100 tubes per minute. - May 25, 2007

ESS Technologies, Inc. Introduces Precision Filling Technology with Next Generation Servo Controls

The dual pitch MB-120 Filler/Capper from ESS Technologies offers the latest technology in servo controlled filling of powers or liquids with a filling speed of up to 120 bottles per minute. - May 12, 2007

TaskMate™ Robotic Loading and Assembly System Reduces Repetitive Motion

By integrating robots with other components of a packaging line, ESS Technologies has designed a system that automates repetitive tasks in loading and assembly processes. Robotic systems can increase efficiency while reducing cost and freeing valuable human workers to be utilized in other parts of the process. - May 12, 2007

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