The Secret of Looking Good from Pako Lorente - Superb Fit and Superior Quality

Looking good and feeling great can be a wonderful boost for your confidence. One of the most quoted of Shakespeare's lines is "apparel oft proclaims the man" and this is true to this day. The right clothes really can make the right impression. With the superb fit and superior quality of... - April 04, 2013

Pako Lorente – Bringing European Design and Style to Executive Menswear

While the question of exactly what to wear to the office is a complex one for women, it can also be a difficult choice for men. Yes, traditionally men have not faced the complicated often unspoken office rules of whether a skirt is required or not. However, despite the apparent relaxation in... - February 09, 2013

Pako Lorente Brings Men’s Quality Formal Shirts to the UK

Anyone looking for men's formal shirts or work wear in the UK can now turn to Pako Lorente, one of Europe’s most respected formal shirt retailers for more than five years. - November 28, 2012

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