Whiz Racer by Enigma Games Makes Learning Fun

The educational car racing game provides entertainment while helping kids sharpen math skills - August 06, 2012

Enigma Games, Inc. and Tapjoy Sign Publishing Agreement to Produce Mobile Version of Theta Warriors Online

The mobile version of the popular role playing game (RPG) will be the first product released under the agreement between the independent video game producer and the mobile application developer. - September 10, 2011

Enigma Games Announces New Games for Intel AppUp Center

Today independent game publisher, Enigma Games, announced exciting plans for the Intel AppUp center in 2011. Fan favorites, Solved! and Arm Wrestling are now available to download at www.appup.com. Strategy RPGs (Role Playing Games), Wargods Online and Theta Warriors Online are set to be released this Spring bringing the first online games to the AppUp center. - March 19, 2011

Enigma Games Announces the 2011 Game Lineup

Today independent game publisher, Enigma Games, announced its game lineup for 2011. Among the list of games, is the long awaited first expansion of Wargods Online. Solved! Online will lead off this year of multiplayer games with a beta launch on the popular social networking sites Myspace and Facebook. - December 25, 2010

Fifteen Month Celebration of Enigma Games' RPG Wargods Online Begins April 28th

The monthly celebration is a feature unique among online role playing games, and the focus this month is on life away from the battle. - April 27, 2010

Fourteen Month Celebration of Enigma Games' Wargods Online is Underway

Highlighting a different theme and new achievements, the monthly celebration is a way to recognize the loyal social gamers who have contributed to the growth of Wargods Online. - April 12, 2010

Enigma Games, Inc. Marks 10 Years of Creating Games That Change the Game

Founded on February 26, 2000, the company has grown and expanded during it's first ten years in business and sees an even brighter future. - March 10, 2010

Enigma Games, Inc. Submits Theta Warriors Online to the MySpace Developer Challenge

The science-fiction strategy role playing game is competing to win the new MySpace application category. The winners will be announced on March 10th. - March 03, 2010

Enigma Games, Inc. Celebrates the First Anniversary of Wargods Online Role Playing Game

Wargods Online has grown and expanded in its first year. The twelve month celebration acknowledges the social gamers who have joined the battle, and offers them several new features. - January 25, 2010

Enigma Games, Inc. Announces the Release of Wargods Trading Card Game

Just in time for the holidays, the latest addition to the Wargods Online franchise, the Wargods Trading Card Game (TCG) starter kit, is available for sale. - December 14, 2009

Enigma Games Marks Ten Month Celebration of Wargods Online with New Features

Wargods Online, a popular online social game, introduces new special features focusing on visual gameplay and player vs. player skill for the 10 month celebration. - November 30, 2009

Enigma Games, Inc. Announces Distribution Agreement with Verizon Vcast Application Store

Enigma Games adds Verizon Vcast application store as another distribution channel for its popular mobile applications. - November 23, 2009

Nine Month Celebration of Enigma Games' Wargods Online Begins October 28th

Social gamers are invited to join October's monthly celebration which introduces new features to the online game and special demonic decorations in the spirit of Halloween. - October 30, 2009

Enigma Games Introduces Subscription Packages for Wargods Online

The latest feature for the popular social networking game, Wargods Online, is a subscription service offering two levels of membership. - October 21, 2009

Enigma Games Announces the Monthly Celebration of Wargods Online to Begin on September 28th

Unique to Wargods Online, the monthly celebration lasts for a week and is an opportunity for all social gamers to try out new special features and become a part of the battle. - September 28, 2009

Samurai of the Day App by Enigma Games is Now Available for iPhone

The latest release for the Apple App World, Samurai of the Day, provides daily information on the Japanese warriors. - September 21, 2009

Enigma Games Announces the Release of Five iPhone Apps

Now available through the Apple App Store are Wine of the Day, Greek God of the Day, Egyptian God of the Day, Celtic God of the Day and Norse God of the Day from Enigma Games, Inc. - September 07, 2009

Enigma Games Holds Seven Month Celebration of Its RPG, Wargods Online

Wargods Online, a popular role playing game (RPG), offered two new features to social gamers during this month's celebration. - August 31, 2009

Enigma Games Releases Samurai of the Day for BlackBerry

The latest release for BlackBerry App World, Samurai of the Day, provides information on the Japanese warriors. - August 17, 2009

Facebook Social Gamers Overtake MySpace for Dominance of Wargods Online

Enigma Games popular role playing game (RPG), Wargods Online, has attracted nearly 50,000 social gamers, and while they are evenly divided between the two sites, Facebook gamers are currently winning the war. - August 10, 2009

Enigma Games Announces Six Month Celebration of Wargods Online Release

Wargods Online, a popular role playing game (RPG), reaches its six month celebration, and the occasion is marked with a special celebration for social gamers. - July 27, 2009

Enigma Games Approved as an iPhone Developer

Enigma Games brings its five years of mobile gaming experience with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to the iPhone market. - July 13, 2009

Enigma Games Celebrates Five Months Since the Launch of Wargods Online

Wargods Online, a popular social gaming role playing game (RPG), announces its monthly celebration for loyal social gamers, and the announcement of additions to the franchise. - June 26, 2009

Collectible Card Game Will be the Latest Addition to the Wargods Online Franchise

The next addition to Wargods Online, a popular social gaming franchise, will be a collectible card game beginning with a 48 card starter set. - June 21, 2009

Enigma Games Partners with Memphis College of Art Internship Program

Enigma Games (enigma-games.com) has partnered with the Memphis College of Art to offer an internship for MCA students. This is a unique opportunity for students to develop their own projects under the direction of veteran art lead Chris Hildenbrand and to gain valuable practical experience. The... - June 14, 2009

Coming Soon: Wargods Online to Go Mobile

Enigma Games will take its popular RPG Wargods Online to the next level in social gaming with a mobile version. - June 12, 2009

Enigma Games' Social Gaming War: Myspace vs. Facebook

Which social network has the best gamers? Enigma Games will soon have an answer this question with its RPG, Wargods Online. - March 31, 2009

Recession Pressure Creates Diamonds for Enigma Games

After a stunning layoff and with foreclosure looming in the distance, Enigma Games' owner, Xavier D. Moore, forges ahead and finds profit. Five months, 10 mobile applications, and a new online role playing game have proven that fortune does indeed favor the bold. - February 05, 2009

New Online RPG, Wargods Online, Hits Myspace and Facebook with a Bang

Enigma Games has unveiled their online strategy RPG which has been welcomed with open arms by RPG fans on the Myspace and Facebook application networks. Wargods Online mixes the classic RPG elements of character progression and dungeon crawling with the build-a-solid-team strategy using four of the twelve available character classes. The game boasts a few firsts, including a chat room where players discuss tactics and form alliances, in-depth character customization, and of course, ninjas. - February 03, 2009

Enigma Games Announces the 2009 Game Lineup

Enigma Games Announces the 2009 Game Lineup

Today independent video game publisher, Enigma Games, announced its game lineup for 2009. Among the list of games, is the long awaited sequel to top selling strategy game Warriors entitled 'Wargods Online.' Wargods Online will lead off this year of impressive games with a beta launch on the popular social networking sites Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, and Friendster. - January 05, 2009

Enigma Games Releases Solved! Puzzle Pack #2 for Blackberry

Puzzle Pack#2 is now available at http://www.solved-game.com! More puzzles are now available to fans of the top selling jigsaw puzzle game available for Blackberry. Puzzle Pack #2 builds on the same theme as the original, providing vivid images to be pieced together. "Solved! is the best... - December 18, 2008

Enigma Games Releases EFL: Preseason Football for Windows Mobile and Blackberry Devices

The sequel to the #1 best selling football game on blackberry and windows mobile, EFL: Strategy Football, is finally here. EFL: Preseason (Enigma Football League) will allow you to coach your team, save and upload your game records to compete with other players and earn a spot on the EFL All-Pro team, and updated team ratings. - December 16, 2008

Enigma Games Inc. Has Announced the Release of Arm Wrestling League, Available Exclusively for Mac, PC and Mobile Devices

Predestined to be an instant classic and a gamer’s favorite, Arm Wrestling League produces light hearted fun as well as intense strategy use. With the ability to create your very own arm wrestler you can customize your player to match up against an assortment of opponents. - August 27, 2007

Enigma Games Brings the Classic Sport of Arm Wrestling Back to Gaming

Enigma Games brings the classic sport of Arm Wrestling back to the gaming limelight where it belongs. Destined to be an instant classic, this game brings the light hearted fun and strategy as only Enigma Games can do it. Create your wrestler and take notes because you are going to be up against... - May 31, 2007

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