Joining Forces Through National Youth Violence Prevention Week

Thursday’s, April 3rd, focus will be on “Supporting Safety.” In recognition of this day, local advocates – Executive Defense Technology and the South County YMCA, would like you to help them support their efforts in educating our youth in “Modeling Safety.” - April 02, 2008

Making Safety a Corporate Value, Not a Priority - Dedicate 2008 to Education; Because Crime Doesn’t Pay for Organizations

Companies that have employees or customers who are victims of crime stand to lose money in several ways. From lost workdays to fines to lawsuit payouts, companies that don’t take the extra step to make sure people are safe can pay dearly. “Training helps to prevent injury, claims against employers and time away from work as well as costly verdicts against employers that have ignored these issues." Schedule your program today. - December 10, 2007

Donate to Victims of Crime Without Having to Spend an Extra Dime

How often are you approached for a donation for a worthy cause? There are so many organizations deserving of our attention. However, with a variety of respectable choices and limited funds, how do you choose which one to help? What if you could donate to help without spending an extra dime? What if you could help victims of violent crime by doing something you do on a regular basis? - August 11, 2007

Get Ready for National Safety Month - "Celebrating Safe Communities"

This year’s weekly themes throughout June include: o Week 1: Workplace Safety o Week 2: Driving o Week 3: Emergency Preparedness o Week 4: Home & Community Not only do companies need to think of employee welfare in terms of smoking cessation programs, retirement planning and healthy... - June 02, 2007

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