Seikilos Fx Studios Digitally Restoring the Famous Mural Found at the Historic Statler-Hilton Hotel

In 1956 a mural was designed and created by Jack Lubin for the Empire Room at the Statler-Hilton Hotel in Dallas. For fifty-six years the mural remained unseen and unknown behind a wall. - April 03, 2013

Seikilos Fx Studios Substation Paid in Full with Their First Order

Seikilos Fx Studios, LLC and Tyche Art International, INC, have recovered the cost of the first fine art image capture and printing substation. - March 20, 2013

Seikilos FX Studios, LLC is in the Process of Providing Art for the Second Location of NYLO Hotels

Seikilos Fx Studios is delivering 750 canvas reproductions to NYLO in New York. - March 06, 2013

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