Don’t Let the Global Village Prevent You from Sharing Your Family History with Future Generations

There was once a time when grandparents sat amidst a group of wide-eyed grandchildren telling stories of days gone by. As the global village shrinks and families spread out across the nation and the world, the tradition of sharing family stories orally is in decline. - September 26, 2005

Professional Writers Help Businesses Reach Their Target Audiences

Written documents are often the first contact potential customers have with a business or a service. Poorly written business letters, brochures, or advertising materials reflect poorly upon the business or organization using them. - September 02, 2005

The Writing Tutor Promotes Reading with Online Literature Circles; Newest Discussion Topic is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

Good writers are readers. To this end, The Writing Tutor dedicates itself to promoting reading as well as writing. The newest discussion topic is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, J.K. Rowling’s sixth installment in the Harry Potter series. - July 18, 2005

The Writing Tutor Embraces RSS Technology to Improve Research Capabilities for Teachers and Students

Since The Writing Tutor’s primary goals are to help students write better and to make it easier for teachers to teach, it makes perfect sense to facilitate the process by organizing current headlines about education and current events in one convenient place. It also makes sense to further facilitate the process by enabling teachers and students to automatically receive updates when The Writing Tutor adds new resources to its site. - July 15, 2005

The Writing Tutor Steps up to Get American Students Back on the “Write” Track

Writing represents the basic ability to communicate. Universities and businesses across the country complain that surprising numbers of college students and recent grads lack this basic ability. The Writing Tutor is a new online resource that is designed to fill the void left by problems that plague American schools. - July 14, 2005

The Writing Tutor Promotes Writing with a Special Summer Edition of The Young Authors Writing Contest

Writing represents the basic ability to communicate. The best way to become a better writer is to write – a lot. In order to encourage young authors to write and to provide them with an opportunity to see their work in “print,” The Writing Tutor sponsors several writing contests each year. August 31, 2005 is the deadline for entering the special summer edition of The Young Authors Writing Contest. - July 14, 2005

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