140-Year-Old Spice Blend, Opa Helmut’s Rub, Launches “Spice Us Up!” Kickstarter Campaign to Support Organic, Gluten-Free and Kosher Certification

Opa Helmut’s Rub - Tasty Traditional German Spice Blends are gluten free, MSG free and all natural. Dating back to 1875. Fourth generation Great Granddaughter brings her family’s 140 year old spice blend recipes back to life using its first-ever Kickstarter campaign to support organic, gluten-free and kosher certification. The "Spice Us Up" campaign tastes as good as it sounds and runs through April 6 with a goal of raising USD 3,500. - March 21, 2013

Opa Helmut’s Rub, New Spice Company Offers Gluten and MSG Free 138-Year-Old Traditional German Spice Blends, with a Modern Twist

Introducing Opa Helmut’s Rub Spice Blends that originated in Germany in 1875 and are now resurrected and reconstructed by fourth generation grand daughter, Astrid E. Senior, who has created a collection of traditional German spices designed to enable anyone to further explore the tastes and... - March 13, 2013

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