Real Time Logic SharkSSL Delivers Real-Time Device Security

Researchers credit SharkSSL as the fastest, smallest SSL TLS for microcontroller-driven applications. - November 07, 2014

Real Time Logic Web Server Delivers Rapid Development of Dynamic Web Applications

Using Lua scripts, Mako Server offers fast, efficient development of web applications, ranging from database-driven business applications to customized apps managing microcontroller-based devices. - June 07, 2013

Real Time Logic Secures ASIC-Powered Devices as OEMs Gear Up for High-Volume M2M Market

Real Time Logic optimizes SharkSSL with assembler-level TLS to deliver high-speed, low footprint security for ASIC and GCM processors. SharkSSL: ideal for secure, low-cost, high-volume M2M devices. - April 05, 2013

Effective Solution for Confidential Data Distribution by Email

California-based Real Time Logic announces BarracudaDrive 4.6, an important update to their easy-to-use web server for small businesses and consumers. BarracudaDrive can be installed on a wide variety of computers including Windows, Mac, Linux, and specialized devices. Version 4.6 features a new File Mailer component. The File Mailer is a product that makes it easy and secure to distribute confidential data of any size to any number of contacts via regular email. - September 05, 2011

Free BarracudaDrive License on Facebook

Real Time Logic, maker of the BarracudaDrive personal cloud server, today announced a free license for home users available on the BarracudaDrive Facebook fan page. - August 17, 2011

Real Time Logic Announces BarracudaDrive – an Easy to Use Web Server for Small Businesses and Home Use

RealTime Logic’s BarracudaDrive web server simplifies external Intranet access for small businesses. The server provides a secure file server and a HTTPS tunnel that is easier to use than VPN. - April 19, 2007

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