Vivicast Media and Clubbing TV Announce an Agreement in the Americas and Caribbean for C4K360, a New Millennial-Targeted 4K with Virtual Reality Channel

Vivicast Media and Clubbing TV reach an agreement where Vivicast is to be the exclusive licensor of C4K360 (CLUBBING 4K 360), a new 4K network from the creators of Clubbing TV. Available for the Americas and the Caribbean, this new channel gives dance, music and thrill seekers access to 4K ultra high definition videos and virtual reality in stunning 360 views. - May 18, 2016

Vivicast Media and Ikono TV Sign Distribution Agreement; Announce Exclusive 4K Initiative

Vivicast Media and ikonoTV team up to bring exquisite fine art television and 4K programming to the U.S. and international markets. - April 26, 2014

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