Social Media Marketing Agency Pertnear LLC Helps Beachside Vacation Rentals Embrace Facebook Marketing to Grow Audience and Increase Sales

Social Media Marketing Agency Pertnear LLC helps educate businesses on the best Facebook and social media strategies, and has helped Beachside Vacation Rentals of California grow their audience by showing them what "hot buttons" make their fans tick and how to engage their fans to increase sales. - May 04, 2013

Hilton Head Social Media Company Pertnear LLC Helps Client Maintain Ranking as Top 100 Travel and Hospitality Company for 5 Consecutive Years

Social Media Marketing Agency Pertnear LLC has managed Brindley Beach Vacation’s Facebook page for 3 years posting daily and using Facebook ads to grow a targeted audience from 346 fans to the current 122,000. These fans not only interact with the companies content posts, but actually are one of the primary sources of direct revenue for the company. - May 04, 2013

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