Heads Up Solitaire Spin Wows Players

DreamQuest Software is excited to announce the release of their highly anticipated Championship Solitaire Challenge. Race your opponent in an exciting match of Klondike or Freecell Solitaire with DreamQuest's new Challenge Mode, a head-to-head solitaire match to see who can order their cards the... - October 03, 2007

DreamQuest Drops Online Play to Focus on Casual Players

DreamQuest Software announced the closure of their online gaming portal, DQzone.com, and DQforums.com, effective 12pm (MST). The move addressed longtime online play issues which prevented DreamQuest Software from growing their highly-accredited card and board game products. "We want to focus... - September 21, 2007

100% Free Card and Board Games Adopt Vista Hi-Res Graphics

DreamQuest Software is excited to announce a major update to their popular 100% Free Card and Board Games. The update includes overall graphical enchancements, faster online play, and added support for the new Windows Vista platform. "Our 100% Free Card and Board Games have long been a... - August 04, 2007

Popular All-Stars Adopts Vista Hi-Res Graphics Online

DreamQuest Software is excited to announce the release of their updated 7.07 All-Star Expansion Pack designed for their line of Championship Pro games. The newest All-Star Expansion Pack includes a graphical update, better support for online play, and is available for the newest Windows Vista... - August 04, 2007

Your Chance to be an All-Star at DQzone.com: DQZone Improves Online Play

DreamQuest Software is pleased to announce their All-Star Expansion Pack Giveaway, where you can save up to $200 on their Championship Pro with All-Star Expansion Pack games. From now until August 8, 2007, you will receive a second game license with any All-Star Expansion Pack purchase. The... - July 07, 2007

Plunge Into the Pirate Life: Rescue Passion on the High Seas

DreamQuest Software is excited to announce the release of Ace's Rescue: Blackbeard's Booty, now available for Windows. Rescue Wes' fiancee from the evil clutches of Blackbeard the Pirate by playing Blackbeard's crew in a card game of "Swords" (the buccaneer's version of Spades). Play to... - June 23, 2007

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