Coach Shows Chiropractors How to Double Income Without Doubling Workload

Many of Dennis Francis’ chiropractic clients know very little about the intricacies of Internet based marketing and have to learn from scratch. His newly released manual gives every doctor a full understanding of small business marketing with an emphasis on chiropractic care. - September 12, 2008

California Business Coach Builds Recession Firewall for His Clients – in His Latest Book He Shows How to Safeguard Company Profits Before the Coming Financial Meltdown

One small business coach and publications consultant has been helping his clients build what he calls a recession firewall around their companies. Dennis Morales Francis of California has been working with health professionals, and other small business owners to double their revenues while taking control of the cost of their marketing. - April 25, 2008

Local Comic Book Publisher Finds High-Tech Solution to Publishing Woes

Dennis Morales Francis offers a high-tech solution to the problems of creating professional publications for businesses and aspiring authors. His website has helped small businesses and fledgling comic book artists to produce professional quality books at a fraction of the normal expense. - June 27, 2007

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