Author Joel Chafetz Releases His Novel "The Chaff"

"The Chaff" is a story about a young woman caught in a time of unreasoned hatred where violence becomes the answer and the defenseless must find a way to survive or perish. The characters reflect the human condition today so that the metaphor becomes one of finding order in chaos. - January 18, 2014

Frieda Dryden Releases New Book Video Trailer for Her Novel "Leonard’s Wife"

Leonard’s Wife is a chilling mystery fiction novel that depicts the story of a desperate mother who kidnaps a thirteen year old girl to become the wife of her demented and mutated son. - January 14, 2014

Chris Birdy Releases New Book Video Trailer for Novel “The Girl in White Pajamas”

The Girl in White Pajamas is a mystery fiction novel that explores the journey of an investigator to find his brother’s murderer while protecting his ex-girlfriend from a similar fate and reconnecting with their love child. - November 19, 2013

Thomas L. Hay Releases New Book Video Trailer for Novel “An Abduction Revelation”

"An Abduction Revelation" is a mystery fiction novel that explores an interesting mix between the paranormal and true life events of the author. - November 18, 2013

Author Lacey Reah Releases Her Novel “Enlightened Ones”

"Enlightened Ones" is a fiction novel that depicts the struggles of a group of people living within a cult and the life of a young girl that joins the cult to escape her dysfunctional family. - November 09, 2013

Wordrow Press, LLC Releases Author Dan Trumpis’ Novel “Welcome to Harmony”

"Welcome to Harmony" is a middle grade fiction novel that explores a young boy’s struggle to make friends in a new town while coping with the physical condition of becoming a werewolf. - November 07, 2013

Sweatshoppe Publications Releases Gary Beck’s Short Story Collection "A Glimpse of Youth"

"A Glimpse of Youth" is a collection of short stories that follows the lives of three boys growing up in Brooklyn during the 1950s. - October 16, 2013

Mosaic Paradigm Group, LLC Releases Author Cynthia L. Knight’s Novel "Whyte Chocolate"

A fiction novel that explores the relationship between two sisters and the difficulties they face following the sudden death of their parents. - October 14, 2013

Bottom of the Hill Publishing Presents Author Herb Marlow’s Novel Series Minister Wanted

Minister Wanted is a Christian fiction book series that explores the life and adventures of a minister on a mission to transform lives by leaving his current church behind to establish a church of believers out West. - October 11, 2013

Solstice Publishing Releases Author Margo Bond Collins’ Novel "Waking Up Dead"

"Waking Up Dead" is a paranormal mystery novel that follows the quest of a ghost to solve the crime of another murder victim. - October 09, 2013

Artema Press Releases Author Gary Beck’s Novel Acts of Defiance

A fiction novel that explores the different approaches two boys have to combating prejudice and injustice and the enduring bonds of their friendship. - September 22, 2013

Author Joy Cieslarski Presents Her Novel Secrets Among Us

A riveting tale of two high school sweethearts whose lives are altered by a pivotal event. - September 01, 2013

Author Catherine Sharp Releases Untamed Heart

A historical fiction romance novel that explores a couple's relationship during the Civil War era. - August 25, 2013

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