Author Jeff Carlucci Releases His Book, “Day of the Democrat: A Day of Reckoning for the Poor to Middle Class”

“Day of the Democrat: A Day of Reckoning for the Poor to Middle Class” is a fictitious depiction of a pro football coach's attempt to even the score on a political system and community skewed to favor the wealthy through his influence on the players on his football team and the games they play. - January 04, 2019

McFarland Publishers Releases Author Avon Hart-Johnson’s Book “African American Women with Incarcerated Mates the Psychological and Social Impacts of Mass Imprisonment”

Drawing upon firsthand accounts and experiences of African American women, Dr. Hart-Johnson narrates the complex web of crisis, loss, separation, and resilience as she explores the lives of 20 women affected by a mate’s incarceration. - February 21, 2018

Authors Katherine Shears and C.S. Whitehurst Release Their Book, “A-C-T Like A Kid And T-H-I-N-K Like A Parent”

“A-C-T Like A Kid And T-H-I-N-K Like A Parent” is a tell-all book for kids on what parents really think about them. The book is filled with information parents need their kids to learn and understand about life, and an introduction to the secret knowledge of adults, that gives kids the upper hand at understanding childhood. - November 15, 2017

Aisel Alliance Publishing Group Releases Dr. Lesia M. Banks’ Book, “All Connections Matter....Change Your Circumstances by Changing Your Connections”

Dr. Lesia M. Banks discusses the relevance and importance of making career connections while also encouraging the reader through a process of exercises and suggested resources in the book to make personal changes. - September 22, 2017

Tate Publishing Releases Author Morris A. Matthews’ Novel, “The Saga of a Modern Day Lot”

“The Saga of a Modern Day Lot” discusses love, lust, and the lack of self-control. It boasts a strong sense of reality, and sharp spiritual insight, with a keen sense of humor. - January 13, 2017

Author Dr. Frank Chase Jr. Releases His Book, “Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway?”

“Kleptomaniac” is a journey into the annuals of biblical history concerning what the Bible teaches about tithing and giving. This book will take you on a proverbial archaeological quest to uncover the true meaning of biblical words that deal with money. - August 31, 2016

Author J. D. Gordon Releases His Book, “Pour Out in Me -- Prayer Journal Volume 2”

“Pour Out in Me -- Prayer Journal” helps readers learn how to record prayers and God’s responses in order to become more aware of the experience of God's daily blessings, miracles and guidance in their lives. - January 23, 2016

Author Dan Trumpis Releases His Novel, “Bloodline: A Tale from the Town of Harmony”

“Bloodline: A Tale from the Town of Harmony” is the author's third middle grade novel that takes place in the town of Harmony. - January 15, 2016

Jabez Publishing House Releases Author Lesia M. Banks’ New Book, “C3 Creating Career Connections”

“C3 Creating Career Connections” is a pre-college to career enrichment guide designed to assist individuals in setting and accomplishing their career goals. - December 11, 2015

Author Chris Birdy Releases Her Book, “The Girl in Red Pajamas”

“The Girl in Red Pajamas” is the third book in the award-winning Pajama trilogy. It brings the series to a glorious end. - October 11, 2015

Author Valerie Hockert Releases Her Novel, "As I Await the Hunt"

“As I Await the Hunt” is a novel that explores the reflective thoughts a man has about his family and his life while hunting. - August 20, 2015

Author Crockett L. Grabbe PhD Releases His Book, “How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11: Image-Rich Analysis”

In “How the WTC Was REALLY Demolished on 9/11,” author Crockett L. Grabbe discusses the full scientific facts and evidence of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack at the World Trade Center in an easy-to-understand manner with 45 color photos. - July 27, 2015

Author Valerie Hockert Releases Her Novel, “As I Sit Here Fishing”

“As I Sit Here Fishing” is a novel that explores the pondering thoughts a man has while on a solo fishing trip that leads him to examine the people in his life in relation to the fish in the water. - June 27, 2015

Author Suzanne Ross Releases Her Novel, “Wake Up! Awakening Through Reflection”

This novel is a 10-day life lessons workshop designed to help the reader awaken their highest potential by liberating their mind from limiting beliefs related to the past. Through self-exploration and guided meditation, the reader goes within to examine their past, reveal important life-lessons and learn how to replace blame, resentment and anger with forgiveness, compassion and love. - May 12, 2015

Author Penelope V. Yorke Releases Her Novel, “Compass: The Journey of the Soul from Egypt to the Promised Land”

"Compass: The Journey of the Soul from Egypt to the Promised Land" charts the stages of spiritual development that the soul takes on its journey on Earth. It describes each stage in detail and offers advice on how to traverse through each stage to the subsequent one. - May 06, 2015

DGT Book Promotions, LLC Releases Author D.G. Thomas' Children’s Book, “The Magic Chest: Sands of Time”

“The Magic Chest: Sands of Time” is an intriguing children’s story that will appeal to audiences of all ages about a brother and sister who discover a magical wooden chest in the attic of a 100 year old farmhouse their family recently moved into. The children travel through time and space to experience adventure, solve a mystery, learn life lessons and meet new friends in the first installment of this new series. - May 06, 2015

Author Janice Kingsbury Releases Her Children’s Book, “Chihuahuas Like Cheese”

“Chihuahuas Like Cheese” is a delightful children’s story that will appeal to audiences of all ages about a young puppy’s love of cheese and his quest to be taken as seriously as the bigger dogs that live in his home. - April 29, 2015

Dog Ear Publishing Releases Author K. Patrick McDonald’s Novel, “Paramedic Heretic: Immutable Laws and Ethical Illusions”

“What happens when a 30-year veteran rescuer turns his stethoscope onto the medical profession? What does the heartbeat of the EMS world sound like?” - K. Patrick McDonald - March 18, 2015

Archway Publishing Releases Author Joy Cieslarski’s Novel, “The Fury of Angels”

“The Fury of Angels” depicts a man's struggle to find his place in the world of angels of light and darkness; causing him to make decisions that may compromise those he loves. - March 15, 2015

Author Susie S. Mozell-Smith Releases Her Novel, “Lily Grace: The Prophetic Word of God”

“Lily Grace is a supernatural book given by God to prove that God and Science coexist. The book contains scientific and spiritual knowledge about creation and serves as proof that we are now officially in the beginning of the end of time." -Susie S. Mozell-Smith, Author of Lily Grace: The Prophetic Word of God - February 13, 2015

Author T.N. Carpenter Releases Her Novel, “Along the Way to Happily-Ever-After"

“Along the Way to Happily-Ever-After: A Humorous Guide to Weathering the Newlywed Years and Creating a Happy and Lasting Marriage” is a humorous collection of tall tales, personal short stories and advice about the newlywed years and marriage. - January 28, 2015

Author E.L. Crenshaw Releases His Novel, “They Always Come in Three”

“They Always Come in Three” offers quirky memorable characters and a mixture of thrills and suspense in extraordinary situations. - January 08, 2015

Author George A. Bernstein Releases His Novel, “Death’s Angel”

“Death’s Angel” is a Detective Al Warner suspense novel that takes place in South Florida depicting the struggle to capture a second serial killer in less than a year that is prowling the streets of Miami, systematically killing off some of South Florida's most beautiful young women. - January 07, 2015

Author James Terzian Releases His Novel, “The Lord of Shadows Rises”

“The Lord of Shadows Rises” is a fast-paced, action-packed martial arts thriller that follows a young man’s fight against the Lord of Shadows. - January 06, 2015

Author J.M. Shorney Releases Her Novel, “Progeny of a Killer”

“Progeny of a Killer” is a mystery fiction novel that depicts the challenges faced by an undercover agent who unknowingly infiltrates the lair of a pedophile that has chosen his son to be the next target. - December 23, 2014

Author Teri Riggs Releases Her Novel, “The Eyes of Vengeance”

“The Eyes of Vengeance” is a mystery fiction novel that takes place in Las Vegas, NV. It is the second book in the authors Kennedy O'Brien mystery series. - December 07, 2014

Woodrow Press, LLC Releases Author Dan Trumpis’ Novel, "Gwen Gladstone"

“Gwen Gladstone,” a juvenile fiction novel, explores the life and experiences of thirteen year old Gwen following the death of her mother. Her father's re-marriage brings a new step-mother and new home town and both have their secrets. - November 17, 2014

Book Publicity Company Launches New Service Aimed to Connect Authors and Readers

DGT Book Promotions, LLC provides a unique affordable marketing solution to help Indie authors use social media and other online media outlets to spread the word about their literary works. - October 31, 2014

Author James Strait Releases His Novel, "World War III: Not How You Imagined"

"World War III: Not How You Imagined" is an action adventure novel that explores globally conventional, and terroristic combat taking place in the near future. - October 17, 2014

Author P.D. Quaver Releases His Novel, “Unplugged” and Offers the Book to Readers as a Free Download in October

A thrilling tale aimed at young adults. "Unplugged" is the story of a group of teens duped into attending a summer camp that is not what it seems. Marketed as a means of getting teens over electronics addictions, "The Natural Path" turns out to be the sinister Dr. Zarkov's elaborate kidnapping plot and the kids find themselves on a remote island struggling for their lives. - October 01, 2014

EM Publishing House Releases Authors Everette and Michelle Bowers book, “To Own a Slave or Not to Own a Slave”

“To Own a Slave or Not to Own a Slave” is a book that will provide individuals and faith-based organizations with motivation and encouragement to be effective in making real changes in their neighborhoods. - September 25, 2014

Author Rom Gayoso Releases His Novel, "How to Win in Every Scenario: Using Scenario Planning to Create Win-Win Solutions in Ukraine and in Other Complex Situations"

This study presents the reader with a flexible strategy to create his/her own scenarios based on a 5-step process the author created to teach MBA students and those in the corporate world how to face complex situations and envision ways to either create winning strategies or to mitigate environmental risks. - September 22, 2014

Author Catherine Sharp Releases Her Novel, “Blood Lust”

A mystery fiction romance novel that follows two lovers on a mission to find a serial killer in the streets of Los Angeles. - September 02, 2014

Author Chris Birdy Releases Her Novel, “The Girl in Black Pajamas”

“The Girl in Black Pajamas” is the second novel in the Pajama series. The mystery fiction novel takes the reader on an adventure through an attempted murder, computer hacking schemes, a man fearing the possibility of prison, family issues, scandals and more. - August 22, 2014

America Star Books Releases Author C.W. Holcomb’s Novel, “Dark Moon: Book One of the Brotherhood of the Moon: Something out of Legend”

“Dark Moon: Book One of the Brotherhood of the Moon: Something out of Legend” is a suspense novel with sci-fi overtures. The main character Raziel was born a werewolf in the distant past and because of his inherent immortality he is either blessed or cursed to ever see the future become the present, the fade into the past; depending on which way you look at it. - June 05, 2014

Author Sabri Bebawi Releases His Novel, “God on Trial”

“God on Trial” is a fiction novel that examines a call for questioning the role religions and God play in the turmoiled world that it is today. "Just like a Mafia Boss, God orders people to commit the most atrocious acts without getting his/her hands dirty." - Sabri Bebawi - May 17, 2014

Book Promotion Company Offers Unique Marketing Service for Indie Authors

Small independent book promotion company reaches out to assist self-published authors market and promote their literary works. - April 24, 2014

Author Catherine Sharp Releases Her Novel, “Viking’s Desire”

Vikings raid England for treasure but the Jarl Eriik Thorennson finds more than treasure in England, he finds the Lord of the manor's beautiful daughter. He takes her back to his homeland and after many twists and turns and her kidnapping back to England, they fall in love and live happily ever after. - April 10, 2014

Author Geri Hemer Releases Her Novel, “How To Win Your Man...and KEEP HIM”

"How To Win Your Man...and KEEP HIM" is a novel about two people who meet and fall in love in spite of many obstacles and challenges of a long distance relationship, they end up being happily married. - March 27, 2014

Author Kevin Hamilton Releases His Novel, “Enemy Among Us”

“Enemy Among Us” is a mythological fiction novel that examines what makes a man a hero. Is it his past and memories? Where he comes from or the choices he makes? The novel also explores religion, myth-making and the role that it can play in society. - March 19, 2014

Author Lorrie Farrelly Releases Her Novel “Timelapse” in Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook

A READERS’ FAVORITE 5-STAR novel, “Timelapse” has twists and turns from start to finish. It’s a gripping romantic adventure full of action and suspense. - March 03, 2014

Author Teri Riggs Releases Her Novel, “Resolutions”

“Resolutions” is a gripping romantic fiction novel about drug cartels, Special Forces and the rekindling of a relationship between two former lovers. The story is full of adventure, action and suspense. - February 28, 2014

ARK Stories Releases Author Ann Werner’s Novel, “Cooper’s Grove”

“Cooper's Grove is a ghost story, a love story and ultimately, a tale of redemption.” – Ann Werner, Author of “Cooper’s Grove”. - February 26, 2014

GnD Publishing Releases Author George A. Bernstein’s Novel, “A 3rd Time to Die”

"A 3rd Time to Die," the second novel released by author George A. Bernstein, Amazon Top 100 Author, is a paranormal romantic suspense novel that deals with the past lives, murder and rebirth of two souls who struggle to fulfill their destiny together, but each time they are snuffed out by brutal murder. - February 11, 2014

Author Ward Jones Releases His Novel, “The Way Up”

"The Way Up" is a literary fiction novel that depicts the life and struggle of a young law school graduate as he searches to find and keep a good job and a girl he can love after hating his father for so long. - February 08, 2014

Coffeetown Press Releases Author Jack Remick’s Novel, “The Book of Changes”

"The Book of Changes” is a literary fiction novel that gives an impression of a time and place we all think we know a lot about, but really don’t. Away from the headlines and the sensationalism of The Free Speech Movement, this novel tells a story about love and poetry, about drugs and crisis. - February 05, 2014

Author Lorrie Farrelly Releases Her Novel “Terms of Surrender” in Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook

“Terms of Surrender” is a western historical romance novel, the story of former Confederate cavalry Captain Michael Cantrell. He wanders the frontier, haunted and alone, until one spring day, near the Wind River in Wyoming, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of Annie Devlin's war. Standing with the stubborn young rancher will test the limits of Michael's courage – and his passion. - February 03, 2014

Author T.D. Beverly Releases Her Book, “It’s A Girl Thing, Simple Tips for Her Period”

“It’s A Girl Thing, Simple Tips for Her Period” is a wonderfully fun book on tips for a girl that just got her period. - January 28, 2014

Author Linda S. Prather Releases Her Novel, "Eternal Beauty"

"Eternal Beauty," a psychic suspense novel in the Catherine Mans series, is a sequel to the award winning novel “Bet You Can't... Find Me.” The story depicts a delightful killer who promises paradise, but leads his victims to hell. - January 27, 2014

Wilcox Trading Company Releases Author David Mint’s Novel, "Why What We Use As Money Matters"

"Why What We Use as Money Matters: Unpacking the Key to Reversing the Effects of Climate Change" is an Economic and Philosophical Treatise written by Monetary Theorist David Mint explores a number of issues in an entertaining and thorough fashion. - January 22, 2014

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