Single BlueFlyers Operates as Three Independent Bluetooth Marketing Servers

Capabilities have been enhanced to allow a single Advanced BlueFlyers server to operate as three independent Bluetooth Marketing servers. A server would be configured with up to three Bluetooth transmitters, and each independent campaign would have full control of its own Bluetooth transmitter. Each campaign may have a unique contact message relevant to the advertisement and will service the cell phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices located by its Bluetooth transmitter. - November 24, 2009

BlueFlyers Bluetooth Proximity Marketing System Adds Affordable Mid-Range Transmitter Option

BlueFlyers Bluetooth Marketing System adds the Sena UD100 to its list of available Bluetooth transmitters as an affordable mid-range option sending advertisements up to 90m (300ft) to cell phones. - August 16, 2009

BlueFlyers Offers Whitebox Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Option

Bluetooth proximity marketing via BlueFlyers is growing in Europe, the U.S., and around the world. BlueFlyers is now offered in a whitebox version that allows marketing companies to rebrand the BlueFlyers units and offer their own brand of Bluetooth proximity marketing to their client. - September 06, 2008

New Tool for Realtors

Never worry about empty house flyer bins again. The BlueAgent electronically transmits information directly to prospective home buyers' Bluetooth enabled cell phones, laptops, PDAs, Blackberries, or other portable devices. - July 24, 2007

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