Austin-Based, Virtual Tour Applications Launches 360 Degree Video Production Service for Realtors to Showcase Properties a 360 Degree Virtual Reality

Virtual Tour Applications is a leading Virtual Reality and Mobile App Development Company Based in Austin, Texas. In 2017 the company is launching a new 360 degree video production service to showcase high end residential and commercial real estate projects. - November 20, 2016

Virtual Tour App is Launching a New Production Service Offering 360 Degree Live Video Streaming to Websites, YouTube, Facebook and Social Media

Virtual Tour Applications is an industry leader in providing Professional Virtual Reality Production Services. The Company is launching new production services that will provide live 360 degree video streaming or edited 360 degree videos. Target markets for virtual tour app's new live video... - November 02, 2016

Virtual Tour App and Aerial International Partner to Combine Forces on Land and in the Air

In 2015, Aerial International and Virtual Tour App formed a strategic alliance to combine forces on land and in the air. Real estate developers, hotels, resorts, event venues and convention centers have already hired these two companies, working in partnership, to create compelling interior 360 tours and state-of-the-art, exterior HD aerial drone videos that help clients "sell more by showing more" using the latest aerial drone technology, camera equipment and editing software. - November 11, 2015

Austin Based, Virtual Tour App (VTA) the Dark Horse Tech Company to Watch at SXSW Interactive 2014

Austin based, Virtual Tour App is the dark horse tech company to watch at SXSW Interactive 2014. Virtual Tour App is competing against tech giant Google in the virtual tour market and winning contracts. Virtual Tour App produces high definition, HD/HDR 360X360 view, interactive virtual tours of... - March 16, 2014

2014 Austin, Texas Based Virtual Tour App (VTA) is Expanding in the US and Internationally

Virtual Tour App is expanding in 2014 into Austin, Dallas, Florida, Houston, LA, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, Honolulu, NYC, Miami and Northern California. VTA now has traveling production teams available worldwide for international projects, and business development teams in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, India, Mid East and Asia-Pacific. - December 30, 2013

Hotels Partner with Austin Based, Virtual Tour App (VTA) to Produce Virtual Hotel Tours That Take Guest Beyond Google Business Photos

Austin Texas based Virtual Tour App (VTA) is competing with tech giant Google Inc with virtual tours that take users beyond Google Street View and Google Business Photos. Several Texas landmark hotels already have advanced HD/HDR 360x360 interactive virtual tours integrated into their websites. High end corporate hotels and boutique hotels have both decided to go with Virtual Tour App rather than Google Business Photos. - December 24, 2013

Austin Based Start Up, Virtual Tour App Takes on Tech Giant Google in the Virtual Tour Market with Virtual Tours That Take Users Beyond Google's Street View

Former "Think Tank" IC2 (Institute for Creativity & Capital) Global Programs manger, Mark Gipson, founded the Austin start-up, Virtual Tour App less than one year ago and is now taking on tech giant Google in the virtual-tour market worldwide. VTA has already produced HD/HDR 360x360 interactive virtual tours for Austin landmarks and is now expanding its reach domestically and internationally. - December 16, 2013

Mark Gipson Founder of Virtual Tour App (VTA) Creates a High Definition 360x360 Virtual Tour of the Dell Children's Medical Center and Austin Ronald McDonald House

Former Co-Director of The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture Center for Sustainable Development, Mark Gipson founder of Virtual Tour App (VTA) creates a high definition 360x360 interactive virtual tour of the Dell Children's Medical Center and Austin Ronald McDonald House Charities. - December 04, 2013

Mark Gipson, Founder & CEO of Virtual Tour App Provides Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) with a Free Virtual Tour as an Example of VTA’s Technology and Capabilities

Virtual Tour App meets ADA compliance standards with the ability to embed guided narration using sign language and other features for low-hearing and deaf individuals, and vivid verbal descriptions for low-vision and blind individuals. - December 04, 2013

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